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Construction allows you to build various structures and items in Triborn. For example: Guild buildings, boats, shops, and houses. And houses are very necessary to individual players. You can carry unlimited items in your inventory .. but can also lose them if you die in combat. The larger your house, the more you can safeguard.

Construction can be trained in various ways. Sawing logs into lumber is the first stage, all buildings and item require lumber. Hlouses and other buildings will need upgrading, which gives moew construction experience.

Once you have your lumber you may need further materials such as stone, glass panels, nails ect. All of the materials you need for each structure are listed below along with the tools you can use.

Written by Vixy

Level Name Image Ingredients Location XP Drops
1 Lumber Lumber WoodWood Boney 15 Resin
15 Lumber Lumber x 3-5 WoodWood x 3 Boney 22

Kindling may also be produced instead of Lumber


Level Capacity Lumber Nails Stone Experience
1 100 100 25 0 Unknown
10 500 300 50 50 Unknown
15 1000 600 100 100 Unknown
20 2000 1200 125 125 Unknown
25 4000 2400 150 150 Unknown
30 7500 4800 250 250 Unknown

Houses will also require a thus far unknown number of roof tiles

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