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Change Log


Message System - Layout Tweaks and Reply Feature
Basic Guild Page - Show members list
Chat history shows last 6 hours after 00:00 and is ordered prior day does not show yet
Last activity shows on guild members list - Currently shows bot check timeout


Actions files overhauled and debugged
Base success rate increased to 50%
Success rate is progressive, as your level raises your starting success on new actions is slightly higher each time. In essence you are learning to be a cook so a new recipe should not set you back to a beginners success rate.
Opening Silver Chests added to Nevacave


private guild chats
leave guild,
force bots,
bots continue work after
black layout being worked on but still buggy


Logout now redirects to home page instead of blank screen


Botcheck after messages read or sent has been fixed
Global Boosts being reset has been fixed
Event page link added to navbar
You can now view messages in your outbox


Icoth is now accessible from Boney
Skill Scrolls can now be used although it is done manually atm - Contact Evert to initiate an invasion
Smithing success bug fixed, level increasing success now works as it should


Remembered to update changelog
Drop rates for Foraging increase with each level from base - 50% up to a max of 100% (+ 50 Levels)
Re-made Orange, Black and Sandstone stylesheets
New high score pages
Can now change your username in game store
You can now buy an underline in the game store
Crowding code removed and replaced with Timer Boost as per players vote
Actions left until next level added to work display
Various bug fixes on the back end
Chat bug fixed

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