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Welcome to the Triborn Wiki,

Here you will find an abundance of game information provided, updated and created by the players. Feel free to create and edit pages to increase the information it holds. You are also permitted to create pages for guilds and profile pages for yourself.

Any deliberate malicious tampering alterations to show incorrect information will result in a harsh punishment.

Prior Polls

Fail rates on resource processing only
Keep current forum
No Crowding Penalties

Current Game Poll - As before, players decide

What does Evert smell like
Real name Donkey Goat Cow Chupacabra Puma
chad (chad)     
Evert (evert)     
oliver (mining4ever)     
Runkies (runkies)     
Count: 1 2 3 4 3

If you have an issue with your layout then I need a little help from you. I need you to visit the link below and send me a message with the result. Right click and open in a new tab, if you are on a split screen layout let me know so I can adjust the figures. Make sure you are using the Orange layout for the Test as thats the layout im using as the base, once its working 100% I will adjust all layouts.


You can contact game Administrator by messaging Evert or emailing

Please submit all Bugs to Or use the link in the Games menu

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