[T]:2019-02-18 05:20:26: bdwhite34(TWC): Trading my Amethysian Reaper Scythes for any other disaster items. Whisper me. Also buying/trading for stone blocks and lumber.
[T]:2019-02-18 15:32:21: bdwhite34(TWC): Anyone have cooked kissing fish to sell or trade? Also, trading my items or solars for stone blocks and lumber. Making great deals. Whisper me.
[T]:2019-02-18 19:49:36: bdwhite34(TWC): Paying out the nose for your lumber and stone blocks. Take advantage of this opportunity. Whisper me for details. Paying with solars, spell book pages, rare gear and just about any other items.
[T]:2019-02-18 19:50:02: bdwhite34(TWC): If you donate to me for constrution please put what you gave me in guild chat.
[T]:2019-02-18 19:51:47: bdwhite34(TWC): sorry wrong chat
[T]:2019-02-19 01:40:25: bdwhite34(TWC): Looking to buy or trade for lumber and stone blocks. Paying with solars, spell book pages, food, seeds, raws, ores, bars, rare gear. Whisper for details.
[T]:2019-02-19 23:39:07: WOOWOOWIG: WTB: fertilizer
[T]:2019-02-19 23:39:15: WOOWOOWIG: a bunch
[T]:2019-02-20 00:32:20: Clydex(TWC): Trading things for thread
[T]:2019-02-20 01:07:36: Profion(Oops): You have 6 Cupid Arrows
[T]:2019-02-20 01:48:02: SilverFuzz(F~F): You have 959 Vial of Rose Water looking to trade for other items
[T]:2019-02-20 04:10:44: Ruriks(TWC): Anyone want Rose Petals?
[T]:2019-02-20 13:55:55: bdwhite34(TWC): If anyone did not get the rare animals offered during the holidays I have some to trade. I have 2 ghosts, 2 reindeer and 12 skeletal cats. Whisper me if interested.
[T]:2019-02-20 15:07:10: bdwhite34(TWC): Anyone selling or trading stone blocks or lumber? We have all kinds of things to offer in trade.
[T]:2019-02-20 16:43:49: Kahlan(F~F): morning
[T]:2019-02-20 16:43:55: Kahlan(F~F): wc im sorry
[T]:2019-02-20 17:19:25: bdwhite34(TWC): Trading my Amethysian Reaper Scythes, Magnifying Glasses, Mining Lamps, Amethysian Hammers, Earth Warrior Hatchets, seeds, crafting items and raws for other disaster gear, Stone Blocks or Lumber.
[T]:2019-02-20 19:28:11: Kahlan(F~F): anyone interested in rose water or the rose petals to trade for other event items?