[T]:2019-02-18 05:20:26: bdwhite34(TWC): Trading my Amethysian Reaper Scythes for any other disaster items. Whisper me. Also buying/trading for stone blocks and lumber.
[S]:2019-02-18 06:33:58: SYSTEM: bosshogg has boosted Exp for 1 hour
[H]:2019-02-18 06:34:48: Bombers(F~F): what determines your max MP?
[W]:2019-02-18 06:35:28: Enki(>JT<): i think it's your char lvl and magic level
[W]:2019-02-18 06:35:43: Enki(>JT<): with a starting base
[W]:2019-02-18 06:36:35: Enki(>JT<): 10+magic lvl + char lvl
[H]:2019-02-18 06:37:37: Enki(>JT<): sry wrong chat... 10+magic lvl+char lvl
[W]:2019-02-18 06:38:20: Enki(>JT<): thanks for boost bosshogg
[H]:2019-02-18 06:43:59: Bombers(F~F): thanks
[W]:2019-02-18 06:44:12: bdwhite34(TWC): Anyone remember the exp received from openig up the diferent christmas presents? I am updating the manual.
[W]:2019-02-18 06:45:44: Enki(>JT<): 100-blue, 75-green, 50-red? I think that was the numbers
[W]:2019-02-18 06:46:11: Enki(>JT<): sry my answers are a "i think" :P
[W]:2019-02-18 06:46:22: bdwhite34(TWC): Thanks, I will go with that and validate later.
[W]:2019-02-18 06:46:59: Wally(Syn): can they still be opened?
[W]:2019-02-18 06:47:12: Enki(>JT<): yes
[W]:2019-02-18 06:47:28: Wally(Syn): i have some still
[W]:2019-02-18 06:48:11: Enki(>JT<): Nevacave
[W]:2019-02-18 06:50:06: Wally(Syn): bdwhite I have given you 1 of each
[H]:2019-02-18 11:05:22: WOOWOOWIG: Any one know if spirit fish can be cooked or are they a leftover (not usable) from an event?
[H]:2019-02-18 12:02:45: HeavensAllow(Syn): Leftover
[S]:2019-02-18 15:05:43: SYSTEM: Cupid Bows and Valentine Cookies can now be made at Marvillia Docks
[W]:2019-02-18 15:20:00: creature(TWC): i got a cookie...i got a cookie...i got a cookie today hey hey
[W]:2019-02-18 15:20:49: Evert(~AE~): Gotta love a cookie
[W]:2019-02-18 15:25:20: creature(TWC): cookie is 3 mp...sweet!
[W]:2019-02-18 15:26:12: bdwhite34(TWC): Where you getting cookies creature?
[W]:2019-02-18 15:26:33: creature(TWC): marvillia docks
[S]:2019-02-18 15:28:17: SYSTEM: Valentines chat crowns and collectable flag are now available with every store purchase plus store deals are still in effect until end of day tomorrow.
[W]:2019-02-18 15:28:44: bdwhite34(TWC): Ok. So you can get them as drops doing anything or just Valentined day stuff?
[T]:2019-02-18 15:32:21: bdwhite34(TWC): Anyone have cooked kissing fish to sell or trade? Also, trading my items or solars for stone blocks and lumber. Making great deals. Whisper me.
[S]:2019-02-18 15:40:45: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Exp boost has been activated for 7 hours!
[S]:2019-02-18 15:40:48: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Drop boost has been activated for 7 hours!
[S]:2019-02-18 15:40:51: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Increased Success has been activated for 7 hours!
[S]:2019-02-18 15:40:54: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Timer Boost has been activated for 7 hours!
[S]:2019-02-18 15:40:58: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase MP boost has been activated for 7 hours!
[W]:2019-02-18 15:41:05: Kirale(Oops): Thanks for the boosts!
[W]:2019-02-18 15:44:25: TriDeathy: Deimos has been killed by a DD Dragon
[W]:2019-02-18 15:45:25: Deimos(Syn): Dam didng think this was still playing had a phone call
[W]:2019-02-18 15:48:48: creature(TWC): sorry to hear that Deimos
[W]:2019-02-18 15:53:52: Deimos(Syn): All good lol isnt my first time :
[W]:2019-02-18 15:54:15: bdwhite34(TWC): You must have not had too much on you. I am not getting any big drops since your death.
[W]:2019-02-18 15:55:08: Deimos(Syn): Lol no
[W]:2019-02-18 15:58:10: bdwhite34(TWC): Ok, I think this might have been yours Someone died here, you found 15512 Cooked Lobsters
[W]:2019-02-18 16:15:10: Deimos(Syn): Nope lol not mine
[W]:2019-02-18 17:02:16: Ruriks(TWC): morning all
[W]:2019-02-18 17:44:48: Demented(Syn): yes
[W]:2019-02-18 18:19:54: Marley(F&M): I'm going to try and make the cookies ... not sure if flour is needed lol if so, I have to harvest wheat and make flour ... I'm not a cook lol
[W]:2019-02-18 18:20:18: Marley(F&M): so if anyone knows the ingredients, pls share the info :)
[W]:2019-02-18 18:21:24: Marley(F&M): ah .. nvm .. it shows the ingredients lol
[W]:2019-02-18 18:21:25: Shalimar(Oops): where do you make cookies?
[W]:2019-02-18 18:22:02: Shalimar(Oops): heard nothing about those
[W]:2019-02-18 18:22:04: Marley(F&M): Marvillia Docks
[W]:2019-02-18 18:22:14: Shalimar(Oops): ty
[W]:2019-02-18 18:22:32: Marley(F&M): it pays to read chat history .. it was a system announcement :)
[W]:2019-02-18 18:23:00: Marley(F&M): [S]:15:05:43: SYSTEM: Cupid Bows and Valentine Cookies can now be made at Marvillia Docks
[W]:2019-02-18 18:23:24: Shalimar(Oops): trouble sleeping, so just woke up, and eyes will not fcus yet on lines of print, lol
[W]:2019-02-18 18:24:06: Marley(F&M): me too
[S]:2019-02-18 18:29:35: SYSTEM: bosshogg has boosted Exp for a further 2 hours
[S]:2019-02-18 18:30:00: SYSTEM: bosshogg has boosted Exp for a further 2 hours
[T]:2019-02-18 19:49:36: bdwhite34(TWC): Paying out the nose for your lumber and stone blocks. Take advantage of this opportunity. Whisper me for details. Paying with solars, spell book pages, rare gear and just about any other items.
[T]:2019-02-18 19:50:02: bdwhite34(TWC): If you donate to me for constrution please put what you gave me in guild chat.
[T]:2019-02-18 19:51:47: bdwhite34(TWC): sorry wrong chat
[H]:2019-02-18 20:05:20: Bombers(F~F): why can't we see people at the same location as us?
[H]:2019-02-18 20:05:53: Bombers(F~F): I heard to try refresh, but I still cannot see a guild mate under player list at my locatio...
[H]:2019-02-18 20:10:55: Rudolph(Jack): i've noticed that recently too, have your guild mate refresh also and see if they reappear
[S]:2019-02-18 20:20:51: Welcome: Mill Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2019-02-18 20:21:05: Rudolph(Jack): welcome mill :)
[W]:2019-02-18 20:22:41: Marley(F&M): Welcome Mill :hugs:
[W]:2019-02-18 20:23:04: Mill: Thanks
[W]:2019-02-18 20:23:45: Rudolph(Jack): so i'd suggest buying a couple hatchets at marvillia market and woodcutting while you check out the manual
[W]:2019-02-18 20:24:05: Rudolph(Jack): you have to play 20 hours before you can join a guild, but people still help out if you ask for something
[W]:2019-02-18 20:24:30: Mill: Well you know me was looking at the smithing ::P
[W]:2019-02-18 20:24:32: Bombers(F~F): welcome mill
[W]:2019-02-18 20:24:54: Mill: Ty
[W]:2019-02-18 20:25:36: Rudolph(Jack): then buy picks and head to....marxzel
[W]:2019-02-18 20:26:09: Rudolph(Jack): nope i'm wrong, maalsaz is first mining location
[H]:2019-02-18 20:26:13: Bombers(F~F): He was here at the location, but indicated that he hit a bot check. he did bot check and then both of us refreshed and now we can see to trade.
[H]:2019-02-18 20:26:58: Rudolph(Jack): thanks bombers, i suspected it had something to do with a pending bot check
[H]:2019-02-18 20:27:20: Bombers(F~F): bit clunky, but just wanted them to be aware of it happening. hope they can make people show up without both peeps needing to refresh.
[H]:2019-02-18 20:29:09: Bombers(F~F): but yeah, the bot check might have been the issue. if the trades are two ways, that would make sense. however with the them being one way trades and the fact that he showed up as green (active) and at my town under the Guild > Members, it was a bit puzz
[H]:2019-02-18 20:29:32: Bombers(F~F): *puzzling
[H]:2019-02-18 20:30:38: Rudolph(Jack): technically during a bot check you are 'not here' the check is to verify you are here...and i guess for computers thats tricky to code
[H]:2019-02-18 20:32:59: Bombers(F~F): perhaps, but you could have 30 seconds ago checked and there was not bot check yet, so it seems disruptive, though yes at some point they would have to become "inactive"
[W]:2019-02-18 20:36:27: WOOWOOWIG: O.o did DD dragons stop dropping things?
[W]:2019-02-18 20:36:50: bdwhite34(TWC): Yes, we finally got all the drops.
[W]:2019-02-18 20:37:08: Wally(Syn): yep I got it all :D
[W]:2019-02-18 20:37:21: Southamptonlife(TWC): Victory! XD
[W]:2019-02-18 20:38:12: WOOWOOWIG: horray!
[W]:2019-02-18 21:20:42: Sassie(TWC): hey everyone and I see you wally :P
[W]:2019-02-18 21:22:08: Wally(Syn): :O
[S]:2019-02-18 21:22:56: SYSTEM: Valentines chat crowns and collectable flag are now available with every store purchase plus store deals are still in effect until end of day tomorrow.
[H]:2019-02-18 21:23:29: Mill: Crystals of love. What can a new player do with them?
[H]:2019-02-18 21:25:09: Bombers(F~F): one use is to supid arrow heads
[H]:2019-02-18 21:25:16: Bombers(F~F): *Cupid
[H]:2019-02-18 21:26:12: Mill: Ok ty. Where would I do that? How much time is left on the event?
[H]:2019-02-18 21:26:18: Bombers(F~F): Cupid arrow heads can be crafted or fletched at Marvilla Docks.
[H]:2019-02-18 21:26:53: Mill: Ok thanks!
[W]:2019-02-18 21:26:56: Bombers(F~F): has it been announced how long the valentine event will run?
[H]:2019-02-18 21:29:00: Marley(F&M): the only announcement I have seen is Evert extending it 48 hrs ... that was said in the past couple days
[H]:2019-02-18 21:32:05: Bombers(F~F): is the cupid bow (and cupid arrows) intended use for training combat or for hunting?
[H]:2019-02-18 21:40:34: Bombers(F~F): do bronze statues have a use?
[H]:2019-02-18 21:45:33: Marley(F&M): I believe the cupid bow and arrows will be for hunting, but I'm not certain. It hasn't been announced. And no, bronze statues still have no use to my knowledge
[H]:2019-02-18 21:46:08: Bombers(F~F): okay. thanks for the info
[H]:2019-02-18 22:14:17: v_roma: hello, any new player guides I can refer to? just joined the game]
[H]:2019-02-18 22:14:42: v_roma: nvm, I see it under the manual
[H]:2019-02-18 22:19:59: v_roma: actually, the new player guide was fairly limited :) any suggestions on first steps?
[H]:2019-02-18 22:20:25: SilverFuzz(F~F): buy a hatchet and get started woodcutting
[H]:2019-02-18 22:33:41: Rudolph(Jack): welcome roma :)
[H]:2019-02-18 22:39:06: Enki(>JT<): any1 know what the effect of the cookies are?
[H]:2019-02-18 22:43:11: Rudolph(Jack): they restore 3 mp
[H]:2019-02-18 22:45:13: Marley(F&M): v_roma .. this link will help you see what's in game https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php?id=getting_started
[H]:2019-02-18 22:46:33: Enki(>JT<): ty Rudolph :)
[H]:2019-02-18 23:04:14: Deimos(Syn): The shrunken head charm has a -5 sec on skills .. with n without the charm equipped the essence of souls potion has no effect
[H]:2019-02-18 23:04:25: Deimos(Syn): Any idea about that?
[H]:2019-02-18 23:06:33: Deimos(Syn): Im lockpicking btw where the charm effect works but not the potion
[H]:2019-02-18 23:06:40: Rudolph(Jack): that sounds like a bug you should ticket evert about deimos :)
[H]:2019-02-18 23:06:55: Deimos(Syn): Ok will do ty
[W]:2019-02-18 23:09:54: Rudolph(Jack): what does "Deimos" mean, i know its one of mars' moons, just not what it means
[W]:2019-02-18 23:10:18: Deimos(Syn): Hege
[W]:2019-02-18 23:10:42: Deimos(Syn): That g would be an h
[W]:2019-02-18 23:11:05: Deimos(Syn): Bahh on my phone fail
[W]:2019-02-18 23:11:16: Rudolph(Jack): oh good, you almost made me google 'hege'
[W]:2019-02-18 23:11:33: Deimos(Syn): Lol
[W]:2019-02-19 00:57:41: Rudolph(Jack): anyone got 200 cooked herring i could trade for?
[W]:2019-02-19 01:08:58: Sassie(TWC): /me yells help I got hit in the head by red nose reindeer with a snowball :roll:
[W]:2019-02-19 01:09:30: Rudolph(Jack): muahahaha
[W]:2019-02-19 01:18:14: Sassie(TWC): what is this tonight throw snowballs at me night :P
[W]:2019-02-19 01:21:07: Bombers(F~F): sassie :hugs:
[W]:2019-02-19 01:21:39: Sassie(TWC): bombers :hugs:
[W]:2019-02-19 01:29:44: Kahlan(F~F): could use hugs :hugs: both
[W]:2019-02-19 01:30:03: Rudolph(Jack): :hugs:
[W]:2019-02-19 01:30:46: Kahlan(F~F): i misssed stuffs i see valentine cookies :)
[W]:2019-02-19 01:30:50: Kahlan(F~F): :hugs: red
[W]:2019-02-19 01:31:24: Sassie(TWC): /me :hugs: everyone
[W]:2019-02-19 01:31:48: Kahlan(F~F): sassie :hugs:
[W]:2019-02-19 01:31:51: Kahlan(F~F): sick day :(
[W]:2019-02-19 01:32:44: Sassie(TWC): I just got done with my antibiotics for the flu/sinuses tonight
[W]:2019-02-19 01:37:15: Kahlan(F~F): aww u feeling better?
[W]:2019-02-19 01:38:21: Sassie(TWC): yep after like almost two weeks of being sick that wasn't any fun
[W]:2019-02-19 01:39:24: Kahlan(F~F): ouch :(
[W]:2019-02-19 01:39:28: Kahlan(F~F): glad your better :)
[W]:2019-02-19 01:40:08: Bombers(F~F): wow, sorry to hear you have been sick. glad you are getting better and hope you are back to 100% soon
[W]:2019-02-19 01:40:23: Sassie(TWC): finally done combating so doing some valentine day events
[T]:2019-02-19 01:40:25: bdwhite34(TWC): Looking to buy or trade for lumber and stone blocks. Paying with solars, spell book pages, food, seeds, raws, ores, bars, rare gear. Whisper for details.
[W]:2019-02-19 01:40:52: Kahlan(F~F): heard the DD dragons are done
[W]:2019-02-19 01:41:29: bdwhite34(TWC): Well, they may still be there to fight but we got all the drops.
[W]:2019-02-19 01:44:38: Kahlan(F~F): yeah thats what i heard
[W]:2019-02-19 01:45:07: Kahlan(F~F): still good xp
[W]:2019-02-19 01:54:32: koman(F&M): is there a way to make arrows from the cupid shafts / arrowheads?
[W]:2019-02-19 01:55:37: Clydex(TWC): Are v-day things good exp?
[W]:2019-02-19 01:57:23: Kahlan(F~F): yes on the xp
[W]:2019-02-19 01:57:34: Kahlan(F~F): not yet as far as i know on the arrows
[W]:2019-02-19 02:02:17: Rudolph(Jack): they're a bit better than normal exp
[W]:2019-02-19 02:02:29: Rudolph(Jack): finished arrows are still being coded
[W]:2019-02-19 02:05:57: Bombers(F~F): any news on when the event ends? when all is coded and added?
[W]:2019-02-19 02:07:44: Kahlan(F~F): :O 110 xp for cookies
[W]:2019-02-19 02:08:03: Kahlan(F~F): that must be an oops?
[W]:2019-02-19 02:09:14: Rudolph(Jack): generally evert gives us a week-10 days after the last item is coded, but i don't have specific dates/times
[W]:2019-02-19 02:09:25: Rudolph(Jack): and no 110 exp each :)
[W]:2019-02-19 02:10:23: Kahlan(F~F): wow
[W]:2019-02-19 02:10:49: Kahlan(F~F): what actually is needed to make em? it doesnt say tho im obviously doing it
[W]:2019-02-19 02:11:12: Kahlan(F~F): thats good to know thank red
[W]:2019-02-19 02:11:17: koman(F&M): 2 Cooked Kissing Fish, 1 Rose Wood, 1 Rose Water, 1 Crystal Of Love
[W]:2019-02-19 02:11:23: Rudolph(Jack): 2 cooked fish, 1 rose water, 1 rose wood and 1 crystal
[W]:2019-02-19 02:11:37: Kahlan(F~F): ah thanks
[W]:2019-02-19 02:11:55: Kahlan(F~F): ill be running out then
[W]:2019-02-19 02:12:47: Kahlan(F~F): so will enjoy the xp will i have what i have :)
[W]:2019-02-19 02:12:49: Kahlan(F~F): thank you both
[W]:2019-02-19 03:40:58: Knightviper: Yup
[H]:2019-02-19 03:49:08: Knightviper: Hello anyone know why it wont let me in a guild i think im typing it right it just says im not part of a guild?
[H]:2019-02-19 03:50:07: Rudolph(Jack): you have to play 20 hours before you can join a guild
[H]:2019-02-19 03:50:33: Knightviper: Yeah i i did 20 hours so far and the timer has gone away aswell
[H]:2019-02-19 03:51:02: Rudolph(Jack): ok refresh and when you type in the guild password remember its case sensitive
[H]:2019-02-19 03:52:17: Knightviper: i just tried refresh still not going :o
[H]:2019-02-19 03:52:43: Rudolph(Jack): hmm which guild?
[H]:2019-02-19 03:52:59: Knightviper: Oops
[H]:2019-02-19 03:54:03: Rudolph(Jack): hmm only thing i can think is that you may have the wrong password?
[H]:2019-02-19 03:58:22: Rudolph(Jack): knightviper, where it says enter guild name, you're entering 'Misfits' and not oops, right?
[H]:2019-02-19 03:59:00: Rudolph(Jack): i believe Oops is the tag, Misfits is the actual name
[H]:2019-02-19 04:01:47: Knightviper: Yeah im typing Misfits then yeah entering the pass
[W]:2019-02-19 04:30:51: Sassie(TWC): is Monday over yet :P
[W]:2019-02-19 04:31:07: Rudolph(Jack): not quite
[W]:2019-02-19 04:31:34: Sassie(TWC): dangit why not
[W]:2019-02-19 04:31:57: Losain(Syn): you live too far west
[W]:2019-02-19 04:32:56: Sassie(TWC): we'll make it Tuesday already anyways :P
[W]:2019-02-19 04:45:29: Rudolph(Jack): night folks
[W]:2019-02-19 10:33:43: Demented(Syn): morning world
[W]:2019-02-19 10:56:36: TeuT(F&M): morning
[S]:2019-02-19 12:04:02: TriBotty: GM has triggered a Smithing invasion at Emberstone
[S]:2019-02-19 13:15:13: SYSTEM: Valentines chat crowns and collectable flag are now available with every store purchase plus store deals are still in effect. Deals are ending tonight 00:00
[S]:2019-02-19 13:17:33: SYSTEM: Pandike has boosted Exp for 2 hours
[H]:2019-02-19 16:55:37: WOOWOOWIG: You ate 4 Christmas Pudding and gained -40 Skill Time for 60 Minutes
[H]:2019-02-19 16:55:58: WOOWOOWIG: this does not work with lockpicking?
[H]:2019-02-19 16:59:19: Losain(Syn): it should affect lockpicking timers as well. it could be something with the particular action. which lockpicking action are you doing?
[H]:2019-02-19 17:02:56: WOOWOOWIG: You are opening Green Gifts
[H]:2019-02-19 17:04:13: Losain(Syn): i believe some holiday special actions were coded to not be affected by spells, such as opening gifts. you may want to send a ticket just for confirmation
[H]:2019-02-19 17:06:28: Losain(Syn): fyi, if you click your name in upper left and then Settings, you can see all your current spell effects
[H]:2019-02-19 17:10:40: WOOWOOWIG: ty
[W]:2019-02-19 18:24:12: Muted(F&M): I have 340 kissing fish on me right now Marley if you want me to drop them off
[W]:2019-02-19 18:24:18: Muted(F&M): Oops lmao
[S]:2019-02-19 18:53:56: Welcome: Galadriel Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2019-02-19 18:54:41: Kahlan(F~F): welcome gala
[W]:2019-02-19 18:56:35: Galadriel: hi
[W]:2019-02-19 18:57:09: Kahlan(F~F): hi
[W]:2019-02-19 18:57:30: Kahlan(F~F): i suggest buying a hatchet or 2 at the market on the bottom right
[W]:2019-02-19 18:57:39: Kahlan(F~F): u can woodcut right where your at
[W]:2019-02-19 18:57:47: Kahlan(F~F): gives u a chance to see what you want to do
[W]:2019-02-19 18:57:55: Kahlan(F~F): look at the manual, that sorta thing
[W]:2019-02-19 18:58:09: Galadriel: ok thank you
[W]:2019-02-19 18:58:21: Kahlan(F~F): yourwelcome
[W]:2019-02-19 19:06:56: Sassie(TWC): hey everyone
[W]:2019-02-19 19:07:15: Kahlan(F~F): hi sassie :hugs:
[W]:2019-02-19 19:07:45: Galadriel: when this game opened? Is it new?
[W]:2019-02-19 19:08:45: Kahlan(F~F): i ws told a few months, at least sense halloween sense i know theres halloween things in game
[W]:2019-02-19 19:08:53: Kahlan(F~F): im fairly new here myself
[W]:2019-02-19 19:10:35: Galadriel: it looks like a nice game
[W]:2019-02-19 19:11:09: Sherlockiama(Oops): I've been playing 311 days so its been around at least that long
[W]:2019-02-19 19:11:31: Sherlockiama(Oops): I don't think Ijoined on day 1
[W]:2019-02-19 19:11:46: Kahlan(F~F): wow i didnt realize it was that old :D
[W]:2019-02-19 19:12:01: Galadriel: nice
[W]:2019-02-19 19:12:24: Pandike(~AE~): little over a year now ... has been reset once, that was about exactly a year ago
[W]:2019-02-19 19:13:57: Galadriel: I will built a house first thing in the game
[W]:2019-02-19 19:17:19: Kahlan(F~F): sounds like a plan
[H]:2019-02-19 19:18:21: Galadriel: What will I do with seeds and resin?
[H]:2019-02-19 19:20:02: Rudolph(Jack): seeds can be used for farming after you build a farm
[H]:2019-02-19 19:20:11: Rudolph(Jack): resin is a crafting material
[H]:2019-02-19 19:22:01: Marley(F&M): You can also open the Manual, type in the search box the item in question, and it will give you details about the skills involved and what the items do
[H]:2019-02-19 19:22:01: Marley(F&M): You can also open the Manual, type in the search box the item in question, and it will give you details about the skills involved and what the items do
[H]:2019-02-19 19:22:23: Galadriel: ok ty
[H]:2019-02-19 19:23:22: Kahlan(F~F): resin is good for crafting flux which is used in smithing
[H]:2019-02-19 19:24:20: Galadriel: ty
[W]:2019-02-19 19:31:50: Kahlan(F~F): theres stil valentines events mostly at marvillia docks if you want to check those out
[W]:2019-02-19 19:32:08: Kahlan(F~F): gathering of rose petals is at hinland, youd need the map for that one
[W]:2019-02-19 19:34:22: Kahlan(F~F): i suggest this because the experience is pretty good :)
[W]:2019-02-19 19:34:55: Galadriel: :) I will look around
[W]:2019-02-19 19:35:34: Galadriel: I am going to marvillia docks
[W]:2019-02-19 19:36:16: Kahlan(F~F): ok
[W]:2019-02-19 19:40:10: Kahlan(F~F): join the party :)
[W]:2019-02-19 19:42:25: Marley(F&M): hope the dock is sturdy!! everyone's here lol
[W]:2019-02-19 19:43:34: Kahlan(F~F): it woulda gone when i showed up so its sturdy enough
[W]:2019-02-19 20:15:49: Rudolph(Jack): /me rampages through the docks singing "wrecking ball"
[W]:2019-02-19 20:16:42: Kahlan(F~F): shifts out of the way of the rampaging reindeer
[W]:2019-02-19 20:17:36: Marley(F&M): /me trips Rudolph
[W]:2019-02-19 20:17:43: Marley(F&M): do ya swim as good as ya fly?
[W]:2019-02-19 20:23:49: Rudolph(Jack): grrgle gorrrg glvogg
[W]:2019-02-19 20:27:14: Marley(F&M): here I'll toss ya a pair of blue angel wings . . I hear they float
[W]:2019-02-19 20:29:38: Rudolph(Jack): thanks, i only have pink ones in my inventory and they clash with my nose
[W]:2019-02-19 20:30:33: Marley(F&M): lol
[W]:2019-02-19 20:33:35: Solunar(~AE~): Angel wings? :o
[W]:2019-02-19 20:34:19: Rudolph(Jack): cupid wings
[W]:2019-02-19 20:34:39: Solunar(~AE~): Oh cool :)
[W]:2019-02-19 20:35:14: Marley(F&M): they look like angel wings to me lol
[W]:2019-02-19 20:37:44: Rudolph(Jack): well cupid is a cherub...cherubs are angels...so angel wings :nod:
[W]:2019-02-19 20:41:35: Marley(F&M): well normally cupid wings are smaller and tip up .. angel wings are larger and fold like a bird wing
[W]:2019-02-19 20:41:49: Marley(F&M): rofl .. MY opinion only
[W]:2019-02-19 20:42:02: Marley(F&M): I like the pink ones best
[W]:2019-02-19 20:43:15: Rudolph(Jack): but the real question is....am i a pegadeer now?
[W]:2019-02-19 20:43:24: Rudolph(Jack): (pegasus and reindeer)
[W]:2019-02-19 20:43:43: Kahlan(F~F): rofl
[W]:2019-02-19 20:43:53: Kahlan(F~F): yes sir i think you are
[W]:2019-02-19 20:46:05: Rudolph(Jack): ')
[W]:2019-02-19 20:46:10: Rudolph(Jack): :0
[W]:2019-02-19 20:46:11: Marley(F&M): lol a pegasus with a headlight and antlers lol
[W]:2019-02-19 20:46:17: Rudolph(Jack): dangit i give up
[W]:2019-02-19 20:46:20: Rudolph(Jack): ;)
[W]:2019-02-19 20:46:45: Rudolph(Jack): just need evert to code in a unicorn horn for me
[W]:2019-02-19 20:46:56: Rudolph(Jack): then i'd be a unipegadeer
[W]:2019-02-19 20:47:36: Marley(F&M): https://i.pinimg.com/236x/f0/e4/f2/f0e4f24cd5318bfc3e4134f8427d7d12--magical-creatures-beautiful-creatures.jpg lol
[W]:2019-02-19 20:48:09: Rudolph(Jack): ooo i like it :)
[H]:2019-02-19 21:09:19: Kahlan(F~F): what do the valentine cookies do?
[H]:2019-02-19 21:10:07: Losain(Syn): they restore 3 MP
[H]:2019-02-19 21:10:22: Kahlan(F~F): thank you
[S]:2019-02-19 23:25:35: SYSTEM: creature has boosted Exp for 2 hours
[T]:2019-02-19 23:39:07: WOOWOOWIG: WTB: fertilizer
[T]:2019-02-19 23:39:15: WOOWOOWIG: a bunch
[S]:2019-02-19 23:53:52: TriBotty: Cracker0509 has triggered a Crafting invasion at Bergerce_Docks
[S]:2019-02-19 23:54:07: TriBotty: Cracker0509 has boosted the Crafting invasion at Bergerce_Docks
[S]:2019-02-19 23:54:21: TriBotty: Cracker0509 has boosted the Crafting invasion at Bergerce_Docks
[S]:2019-02-19 23:54:35: TriBotty: Cracker0509 has boosted the Crafting invasion at Bergerce_Docks
[S]:2019-02-19 23:54:46: TriBotty: Cracker0509 has boosted the Crafting invasion at Bergerce_Docks
[S]:2019-02-19 23:55:00: TriBotty: Cracker0509 has boosted the Crafting invasion at Bergerce_Docks
[T]:2019-02-20 00:32:20: Clydex(TWC): Trading things for thread
[S]:2019-02-20 00:40:09: SYSTEM: Valentines chat crowns and collectable flag are now available with every store purchase was due to end at midnight but lost some time, will end at 01:00
[H]:2019-02-20 00:49:01: Shalimar(Oops): we can't make cupid arrows yet?
[H]:2019-02-20 00:49:01: Shalimar(Oops): we can't make cupid arrows yet?
[H]:2019-02-20 00:49:42: Evert(~AE~): Should be at marvilia docks
[H]:2019-02-20 00:50:25: Shalimar(Oops): i see bows, shafts and arrow heads but not arrows
[H]:2019-02-20 00:50:41: Evert(~AE~): thats very weird, ill fix the location file
[H]:2019-02-20 01:01:37: Evert(~AE~): Ok fixed, no idea what happened
[H]:2019-02-20 01:02:21: Shalimar(Oops): ty :) we can finally use up these items we made, lol
[W]:2019-02-20 01:05:26: creature(TWC): :dance2:
[W]:2019-02-20 01:06:09: Evert(~AE~): :dance:
[H]:2019-02-20 01:07:36: Shalimar(Oops): hope we have time to get them finished :)
[T]:2019-02-20 01:07:36: Profion(Oops): You have 6 Cupid Arrows
[H]:2019-02-20 01:08:36: Shalimar(Oops): any clue on whe event ends?
[H]:2019-02-20 01:08:58: Evert(~AE~): Actions end tomorrow end of day except arrows will give them an extra day so everything has had an extra 2 days due to server fault
[H]:2019-02-20 01:09:28: Shalimar(Oops): thanks
[H]:2019-02-20 01:10:36: Evert(~AE~): Only a few more holidays to go and they are all finished and will be no issues in the future
[H]:2019-02-20 01:10:41: Evert(~AE~): Other than things I break
[W]:2019-02-20 01:10:56: creature(TWC): lol
[W]:2019-02-20 01:11:41: creature(TWC): not fun without something unexpected. me i would break things on purpose and wait to see how long until someone notices
[H]:2019-02-20 01:12:15: Shalimar(Oops): lol :P
[W]:2019-02-20 01:12:34: Evert(~AE~): lmao
[W]:2019-02-20 01:13:36: Shalimar(Oops): we noticed.. just did not know how well it would go over to send in a ticket asking when something for event would be coded, lol
[W]:2019-02-20 01:13:56: creature(TWC): well that too
[W]:2019-02-20 01:17:22: Evert(~AE~): lol something like that just zap it over just in case. Ive started using the calender in the wiki too
[W]:2019-02-20 01:17:34: Evert(~AE~): Why can I never spell calander
[W]:2019-02-20 01:18:44: creature(TWC): man i think my spell has been going down hill last couple years. now i just wait for autocorrect or try googling it
[W]:2019-02-20 01:18:55: creature(TWC): my spelling
[W]:2019-02-20 01:19:00: creature(TWC): see there
[W]:2019-02-20 01:19:15: Evert(~AE~): hehe auto correct has made us lazy
[W]:2019-02-20 01:28:10: Sassie(TWC): lol
[H]:2019-02-20 01:42:04: Bombers(F~F): confirming materials for cupid arrows is just the arrow heads and the arrow shafts?
[H]:2019-02-20 01:42:38: Marley(F&M): Yes Bombers
[T]:2019-02-20 01:48:02: SilverFuzz(F~F): You have 959 Vial of Rose Water looking to trade for other items
[S]:2019-02-20 01:55:40: SYSTEM: bosshogg has boosted Exp for 2 hours
[W]:2019-02-20 01:55:59: Kirale(Oops): Thanks boss!
[W]:2019-02-20 01:58:41: Kahlan(F~F): ty
[W]:2019-02-20 02:02:14: koman(F&M): where do you make arrows at?
[W]:2019-02-20 02:03:01: koman(F&M): nvm .. just had to refresh
[W]:2019-02-20 02:03:01: koman(F&M): nvm .. just had to refresh
[W]:2019-02-20 02:03:09: creature(TWC): event arrows are in marvillia docks
[W]:2019-02-20 02:20:26: Sassie(TWC): what's up kahlan, bombers and red nose reindeer :P
[W]:2019-02-20 02:23:10: Rudolph(Jack): sup sassie
[W]:2019-02-20 02:23:35: Kahlan(F~F): hi sassie :)
[W]:2019-02-20 02:23:46: Kahlan(F~F): just missed bombers, he will bbl
[W]:2019-02-20 02:24:24: Kahlan(F~F): i saw earlier reindeer cant swim ;)
[W]:2019-02-20 02:24:27: Sassie(TWC): not much everyone must be partying on the docks
[W]:2019-02-20 02:25:12: Kahlan(F~F): last day isnt it ? this time tomorrow its pretty much over from what i heard
[W]:2019-02-20 02:25:39: Rudolph(Jack): yea end of day tomorrow for most things, arrows 1 extra day
[W]:2019-02-20 02:26:18: Kahlan(F~F): thats what i thought i heard
[W]:2019-02-20 02:26:29: Kahlan(F~F): these arrows do anything ?
[W]:2019-02-20 02:26:45: Kahlan(F~F): everyone says they guess hunting
[W]:2019-02-20 02:28:42: Rudolph(Jack): no word yet....they may just be a collectible
[W]:2019-02-20 02:29:32: Rudolph(Jack): (but knowing evert, they'll have a use)
[W]:2019-02-20 02:29:45: Kahlan(F~F): thatd be nice :)
[W]:2019-02-20 03:49:28: Moderator: Please use Help Chat for all game related questions, to insure your question is seen
[T]:2019-02-20 04:10:44: Ruriks(TWC): Anyone want Rose Petals?
[W]:2019-02-20 08:27:00: TeuT(F&M): morning world
[H]:2019-02-20 13:16:42: Southamptonlife(TWC): Do Vial of Cavern Water have an effect?
[H]:2019-02-20 13:19:29: Losain(Syn): not at this time
[T]:2019-02-20 13:55:55: bdwhite34(TWC): If anyone did not get the rare animals offered during the holidays I have some to trade. I have 2 ghosts, 2 reindeer and 12 skeletal cats. Whisper me if interested.
[T]:2019-02-20 15:07:10: bdwhite34(TWC): Anyone selling or trading stone blocks or lumber? We have all kinds of things to offer in trade.
[T]:2019-02-20 16:43:49: Kahlan(F~F): morning
[T]:2019-02-20 16:43:55: Kahlan(F~F): wc im sorry
[W]:2019-02-20 17:05:21: Kahlan(F~F): morning
[W]:2019-02-20 17:06:26: bdwhite34(TWC): Hey Kahlan
[W]:2019-02-20 17:09:18: Kahlan(F~F): hi bd
[W]:2019-02-20 17:09:49: Marley: good morning everyone .. hope you all have a fabulous day!
[W]:2019-02-20 17:10:44: Kahlan(F~F): hi marley
[W]:2019-02-20 17:17:25: Sassie(TWC): hey everyone
[W]:2019-02-20 17:17:36: Kahlan(F~F): sassie :hugs:
[T]:2019-02-20 17:19:25: bdwhite34(TWC): Trading my Amethysian Reaper Scythes, Magnifying Glasses, Mining Lamps, Amethysian Hammers, Earth Warrior Hatchets, seeds, crafting items and raws for other disaster gear, Stone Blocks or Lumber.
[W]:2019-02-20 17:21:41: Sassie(TWC): kahlan :hugs:
[W]:2019-02-20 17:49:07: Schubert(Jack): hello :)
[W]:2019-02-20 17:49:37: Kahlan(F~F): hi
[W]:2019-02-20 18:45:57: Ruriks(TWC): hi all
[W]:2019-02-20 18:47:16: Kahlan(F~F): hi
[T]:2019-02-20 19:28:11: Kahlan(F~F): anyone interested in rose water or the rose petals to trade for other event items?
[H]:2019-02-20 19:48:03: Kahlan(F~F): i think it may have been lag but want a 2nd opinion, i was making cookies and it showed i had 2 fish left, so i thought i had 1 more i could make, at the timer it said i needed ingredients
[H]:2019-02-20 19:48:33: Kahlan(F~F): the 2 fish were gone, i think it was lag an the fish shouldnt have still been there but thought id see
[H]:2019-02-20 19:48:42: Kahlan(F~F): didnt knwo if i had to report it or not
[H]:2019-02-20 19:55:44: Rudolph(Jack): kk ty
[H]:2019-02-20 19:55:57: Rudolph(Jack): could have been server lag
[H]:2019-02-20 19:56:20: Kahlan(F~F): thought something like that thanks