[W]:2018-12-14 22:09:05: creature(TWC): christmas hat
[W]:2018-12-14 22:10:27: Shalimar(Oops): nice .. nothing so far
[W]:2018-12-14 22:11:23: Shalimar(Oops): but snowballs
[W]:2018-12-14 22:12:07: creature(TWC): just 2 presents (lockpicking items) and a hat so far
[W]:2018-12-14 22:12:55: Shalimar(Oops): 3 more things than me :P
[W]:2018-12-14 22:15:26: creature(TWC): < 3
[W]:2018-12-14 22:20:59: creature(TWC): no worries
[T]:2018-12-14 23:05:11: Profion(Oops): wtb spell book pages let me know a price please
[W]:2018-12-15 02:21:43: creature(TWC): what all event drops did you all get so far?
[H]:2018-12-15 02:27:28: bdwhite34(TWC): I got some snowman arms earlier, cant find them in my inventory. Bug?
[H]:2018-12-15 02:29:50: Rudolph(Jack): possibly, or not sorted to the 'christmas' category yet....but you have them, even if they don't show in inventory :)
[H]:2018-12-15 02:30:56: bdwhite34(TWC): I dont have a christmas catagory in my inventory.
[W]:2018-12-15 02:32:02: Shalimar(Oops): 'me neither
[H]:2018-12-15 02:32:26: Rudolph(Jack): evert may not have made it yet....that could be why some christmas stuff isn't showing in inventory...its still 'unsorted'
[H]:2018-12-15 02:32:57: bdwhite34(TWC): Ok, cant see my balls either. My snowballs that is. LOL
[H]:2018-12-15 02:33:24: Rudolph(Jack): snowballs should be in 'materials'....if not, refresh
[S]:2018-12-15 06:08:14: Welcome: miner49er Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2018-12-15 06:08:33: Marley(F&M): Welcome aboard miner :)
[W]:2018-12-15 06:09:36: Marley(F&M): theres a Christmas event at Marvillia .. you just need a shovel. If you don't have one I can give you some
[W]:2018-12-15 06:11:33: miner49er: sounds good, i dont have any atm. where do we do trades?
[W]:2018-12-15 06:11:55: Marley(F&M): okies I just put some spades in your inventory .. you may need to refresh to see them. Just click on the spade to equip it
[W]:2018-12-15 06:12:09: Marley(F&M): then in the middle of the screen below chat you will see the snowball event
[W]:2018-12-15 06:12:29: Marley(F&M): you can trade in this game anywhere , just need to be in the same location
[W]:2018-12-15 06:13:27: miner49er: why am i not allow3d to equip anything?
[W]:2018-12-15 06:14:45: Marley(F&M): click on the spade and it should equip .. you may need to refresh
[W]:2018-12-15 06:14:58: Marley(F&M): the game is still in Beta, so refresh will be your friend now and then :)
[W]:2018-12-15 06:21:51: miner49er: im not sure why but i still cant equip
[W]:2018-12-15 06:22:52: Marley(F&M): hmm are you clicking on the spade you have 10 of?
[W]:2018-12-15 06:23:03: miner49er: yup
[W]:2018-12-15 06:23:49: Marley(F&M): refresh again .. I just gave you a scythe .. see if you can equip that
[W]:2018-12-15 06:24:51: miner49er: still nothing...
[W]:2018-12-15 06:25:00: Marley(F&M): well pffft
[W]:2018-12-15 06:25:12: Marley(F&M): try logging out and back on
[W]:2018-12-15 06:25:30: Marley(F&M): and FF is the browser that most people have luck with in this game just fyi
[W]:2018-12-15 06:26:27: Shalimar(Oops): remember the odd time i had to move 1 location away and back again to be BLE TO EQUIP
[W]:2018-12-15 06:26:46: Marley(F&M): ah yeah try that miner
[W]:2018-12-15 06:26:55: Marley(F&M): ty :)
[W]:2018-12-15 06:26:55: Shalimar(Oops): sorry for caps
[W]:2018-12-15 06:27:13: Shalimar(Oops): hope it works
[W]:2018-12-15 06:28:03: Shalimar(Oops): and do not think he has level for scythe
[W]:2018-12-15 06:29:36: Marley(F&M): well chit ... lol .. want my job? :P maybe I need sleep lol
[W]:2018-12-15 06:29:58: Shalimar(Oops): know i do, lol
[W]:2018-12-15 06:30:53: Marley(F&M): pretty sure I gave him beginner spades tho
[W]:2018-12-15 06:33:26: Shalimar(Oops): you here miner?
[W]:2018-12-15 06:34:35: Shalimar(Oops): if he answers, have him move cursor over spade and make sure is bronze
[W]:2018-12-15 06:34:36: Marley(F&M): he's also working I think
[W]:2018-12-15 06:34:45: Shalimar(Oops): ah, ok
[W]:2018-12-15 06:35:23: Shalimar(Oops): 'time for me to auto out
[W]:2018-12-15 06:35:41: Marley(F&M): gnite, rest well :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-15 06:35:55: Shalimar(Oops): ty :)
[H]:2018-12-15 09:01:52: HeavensAllow(Syn): Has the halloween related gear already been given effects or will it be cosmetic only?
[H]:2018-12-15 09:05:00: Lodes(TWC): Some of the Halloween gear do have effects
[H]:2018-12-15 09:05:57: HeavensAllow(Syn): Do u mind telling what gear and what effects those are please?
[H]:2018-12-15 09:06:35: Lodes(TWC): Sorry, I do not know which particular gear or what the affects exactly are
[H]:2018-12-15 09:08:13: HeavensAllow(Syn): I see hopefully someone who does will see the question later then. Thank you
[H]:2018-12-15 09:23:44: Marley(F&M): Heavens I've been told the Halloween gear reduces travel time if you have all 6 pieces on
[W]:2018-12-15 09:24:42: Faldor(Oops): all 7 pieces
[W]:2018-12-15 09:24:59: Faldor(Oops): the staff as well
[W]:2018-12-15 09:25:17: Marley(F&M): yes 7 .. sorry ... lol woke up to botcheck, saw the question :P
[W]:2018-12-15 09:25:21: Marley(F&M): gnite all :)
[W]:2018-12-15 09:25:42: Faldor(Oops): night
[W]:2018-12-15 09:25:58: HeavensAllow(Syn): Night
[H]:2018-12-15 09:27:01: HeavensAllow(Syn): So full dracula outfit (with either m/f mask and pants) + staff for walking boost. But what about the shrunken head charm? Different piece i believe
[H]:2018-12-15 09:27:57: HeavensAllow(Syn): I do see on its description travel aswell. Does that mean it can be used instead of a dracula piece set?
[H]:2018-12-15 09:41:52: Faldor(Oops): yes its a different piece
[H]:2018-12-15 09:45:27: Faldor(Oops): shrunkin head gives -5 to any skill you are doing
[H]:2018-12-15 10:00:21: Faldor(Oops): what are the snowballs for?
[W]:2018-12-15 10:07:28: creature(TWC): not known yet
[W]:2018-12-15 10:07:55: Faldor(Oops): thx
[S]:2018-12-15 13:56:38: Tri-Winners: 1st-Shalimar did 1455 actions
[S]:2018-12-15 13:56:38: Tri-Winners: 2nd-creature did 1397 actions
[S]:2018-12-15 13:56:38: Tri-Winners: 3rd-Losain did 1143 actions
[S]:2018-12-15 14:31:05: TriBotty: bosshogg has triggered a Foraging invasion at Marxzel
[W]:2018-12-15 18:27:40: Wally(F&M): hi Marley
[S]:2018-12-15 20:51:18: SYSTEM: Despite the fact that Ihave said this more times than I can count, there are still people sending tickets and NOTfilling in the title. From right now, ANY tickets with no title filled in will bve deleted without being looked into.
[S]:2018-12-15 20:51:46: SYSTEM: We ask that you fill in the title so that we know who your bug needs to be sent too.
[S]:2018-12-15 20:52:30: SYSTEM: We ask that you fill in the title so that we know who your bug needs to be sent too.
[W]:2018-12-15 20:53:15: Someone(Oops): I like goats
[S]:2018-12-15 22:01:46: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Exp boost has been activated for 6 hours!
[S]:2018-12-15 22:01:50: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Drop boost has been activated for 6 hours!
[S]:2018-12-15 22:01:52: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Increased Success has been activated for 6 hours!
[S]:2018-12-15 22:01:56: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Timer Boost has been activated for 6 hours!
[S]:2018-12-15 22:01:58: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase MP boost has been activated for 6 hours!
[S]:2018-12-15 22:07:12: SYSTEM: Evil Elves have raided Marvillia in an attempt to disrupt holiday preperations!
[W]:2018-12-15 22:07:52: Kirale: Thanks for the boosts!
[S]:2018-12-15 22:23:20: Welcome: TheWanderer Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2018-12-15 22:24:27: Losain(Syn): Welcome TheWanderer!
[W]:2018-12-15 22:30:00: TheWanderer: thanks
[S]:2018-12-15 22:42:05: SYSTEM: Christmas Deals now available in the game store, 100% More Points, Scrolls and Globals with our usual offers of Crowns and a Collectable Flag
[W]:2018-12-15 22:49:40: Someone(Oops): #BahHumBug
[W]:2018-12-15 22:50:03: creature(TWC): someone (and not me, did that couple times last time) let the elves kill you so we all can get some death drops
[S]:2018-12-15 23:00:07: TriBotty: A new guild has been created! All hail Serenity
[W]:2018-12-15 23:26:33: creature(TWC): no noise past the sounds of elves dying?
[W]:2018-12-15 23:27:58: Losain(Syn): its a comforting sound
[W]:2018-12-15 23:28:47: creature(TWC): ah yes, hacking lung sounds with last breathes
[W]:2018-12-15 23:29:54: Losain(Syn): so seasonal and festive
[W]:2018-12-15 23:30:59: creature(TWC): just thinking if i had my dracula costum on all the elf blood would fit right in >:D
[W]:2018-12-15 23:31:27: Losain(Syn): lol
[W]:2018-12-15 23:32:37: creature(TWC): i should be able to scavege the bones from the battle field for dark nefarious purposes
[W]:2018-12-15 23:33:51: Losain(Syn): makes me wonder if you summoned the evil elves....
[W]:2018-12-15 23:34:40: creature(TWC): hey, dont be asking questions like that.... :run:
[W]:2018-12-15 23:34:52: creature(TWC): lol
[H]:2018-12-15 23:37:52: Kirale: Is there somewhere you can sell the bronze statues?
[H]:2018-12-15 23:39:24: Losain(Syn): you can sell just about anything at Trystans Trade in Marvillia
[H]:2018-12-15 23:39:57: Kirale: Thanks, I'll try it and see if it works
[H]:2018-12-15 23:42:28: Enki(>JT<): what level are the evil elves?
[H]:2018-12-15 23:42:47: TribornSky(Oops): 2
[H]:2018-12-15 23:43:05: Enki(>JT<): ty Triborn :)
[H]:2018-12-15 23:43:18: TribornSky(Oops): Yvw :)
[W]:2018-12-15 23:45:35: creature(TWC): my biggest hit yet.... You struck the Evil Elf for 7 damage -6/4
[W]:2018-12-15 23:49:06: Agamotto(Jack): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P9xxJ4V7no
[W]:2018-12-15 23:49:57: Losain(Syn): oooh, going to see them next week :dance:
[S]:2018-12-16 00:08:09: SYSTEM: Christmas Deals now available in the game store, 100% More Points, Scrolls and Globals with our usual offers of Crowns and a Collectable Flag
[W]:2018-12-16 00:19:52: kardz(Oops): anyone else have snowman arms not show up in inventory?
[W]:2018-12-16 00:20:18: Rudolph(Jack): mine don't, its on the list of things to check
[W]:2018-12-16 00:20:39: Evert(~AE~): should be ok now
[W]:2018-12-16 00:20:58: kardz(Oops): ok, good....just wanted to see if it was an issue before creating a ticket
[W]:2018-12-16 00:22:58: Shalimar(Oops): refreshed and still not in inventory anywhjere
[W]:2018-12-16 00:23:18: kardz(Oops): nope, not for me....did a refresh, F5, ctrl + F5....still not there
[W]:2018-12-16 00:24:10: TribornSky(Oops): got like 6 of them and same not in inventory
[W]:2018-12-16 00:25:26: Evert(~AE~): hmm
[W]:2018-12-16 00:25:30: kardz(Oops): yeah, me too....found six....maybe they are the arms of an invisible snowman.....
[W]:2018-12-16 00:25:53: kardz(Oops): on the other hand, his balls are showing up left and right
[W]:2018-12-16 00:26:04: Shalimar(Oops): lmao
[W]:2018-12-16 00:26:04: TribornSky(Oops): lol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:26:34: Evert(~AE~): Ah my bad, will be fixed in a couple of mins when database updates
[W]:2018-12-16 00:26:43: Evert(~AE~): lmao Kardz
[W]:2018-12-16 00:27:01: kardz(Oops): XD humor always helps
[W]:2018-12-16 00:27:01: kardz(Oops): XD humor always helps
[W]:2018-12-16 00:27:23: Cracker0509(~AE~): Mark, i hate you for not making a guild chat
[W]:2018-12-16 00:27:43: kardz(Oops): now if y'all will excuse me, I have to eat an onion
[W]:2018-12-16 00:27:53: Evert(~AE~): lol what? XD
[S]:2018-12-16 00:28:20: SYSTEM: All members of Oops, please take your spam to Guild chat, thanks.
[W]:2018-12-16 00:28:20: TribornSky(Oops): use some https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD8YPY8RBQc to melt them :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:28:22: kardz(Oops): XD to replenish my health.....Evil Elfs hit me
[W]:2018-12-16 00:28:48: TribornSky(Oops): but we already said same lines by choobism in guild xD
[W]:2018-12-16 00:30:10: TribornSky(Oops): System jests? or System for real? o.0 0.o better to ask..lol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:31:09: Someone(Oops): No!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:31:27: kardz(Oops): why is there a world chat if we aren't alowed to chat in it?
[W]:2018-12-16 00:31:50: Someone(Oops): We are far too elite for world chat scrubs kardz ;)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:32:32: TribornSky(Oops): /me Scrubs World Spotless :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:32:54: kardz(Oops): missed a spot :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:33:31: TribornSky(Oops): Damn generic windex! *Throws at window* I quit!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:33:33: Someone(Oops): Best move back to guild chat and let world die in peace again
[W]:2018-12-16 00:33:50: TribornSky(Oops): RIP :(
[W]:2018-12-16 00:34:13: kardz(Oops): Thank you Evert, I can see my snowman's skinny arms now :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-16 00:38:09: bosshogg(~AE~): ok while i was away someone who seems gay attacked my friend who is admin i would advise you to stop with stupid shit
[W]:2018-12-16 00:38:34: Someone(Oops): Have a problem with gays?
[W]:2018-12-16 00:38:52: Evert(~AE~): No problem :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-16 00:38:56: Someone(Oops): And don't think you're a bigman over the internet boss :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:38:58: kardz(Oops): no one attacked anyone
[W]:2018-12-16 00:39:21: skitz(Oops): =)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:39:32: bosshogg(~AE~): no have a problem with people acting up and making others think they are
[W]:2018-12-16 00:39:54: Someone(Oops): So why bring up "who seems gay"?
[W]:2018-12-16 00:40:08: TribornSky(Oops): /me Throws Someone back in guild getcha butt in there and love my singing >: ( Dammit!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:41:46: Someone(Oops): and "advise you to stop" Who the hell do you think you are? I'm sure Mark can handle himself and i'm sure a mod would step in if Mark was feeling offended
[W]:2018-12-16 00:42:39: bosshogg(~AE~): im the guy who handles you people who dont fucking stop when asked
[W]:2018-12-16 00:42:56: Someone(Oops): Ohhhh big man you are
[W]:2018-12-16 00:43:17: kardz(Oops): ummmm, I'm pretty sure you aren't staff hogg
[S]:2018-12-16 00:43:52: SYSTEM: Ok, all jokes aside, lets all calm down and take the piss out of Evert for being a numpty! 3...2....1...GO!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:44:04: Someone(Oops): https://memegenerator.net/instance/72770916/jay-inbetweeners-oooh-youre-hard
[W]:2018-12-16 00:44:30: TriDeathy: Evert has been killed by a Yeti
[W]:2018-12-16 00:44:44: Evert(~AE~): son of a bitch
[W]:2018-12-16 00:44:52: kardz(Oops): :hugs: Everty and goes back to guild chat
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:04: Someone(Oops): Marks balls got frozen :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:07: kardz(Oops): lol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:12: Evert(~AE~): XD
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:23: Someone(Oops): Sorry if you're offended by that boss ;)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:27: Cracker0509(~AE~): OK, stop it.... i really dont want to be a MOD again and start dealing with this bullshit again
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:40: Someone(Oops): Please don't hit me with your keyboard Mr.Keyboard warrior ;)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:46: TribornSky(Oops): why so up tight
[W]:2018-12-16 00:45:55: Someone(Oops): love you Crackerbabes
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:04: TribornSky(Oops): we went to guild...and fyi my ? to system was serious.
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:06: kardz(Oops): ???? you chill out....we're having fun and no one is getting hurt
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:08: HeavensAllow(Syn): Where ar yetis? I want some DD
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:25: TribornSky(Oops): there is yetis o.0
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:27: skitz(Oops): ^
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:35: Evert(~AE~): hehe will have to figure it out Heavens
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:40: Someone(Oops): We are slaying Devin SKY ;)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:50: kardz(Oops): yetis....an insullated cup for your bevrages
[W]:2018-12-16 00:46:55: TribornSky(Oops): Hmm lol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:47:05: skitz(Oops): we could be killing yetis???
[W]:2018-12-16 00:47:50: HeavensAllow(Syn): Dammit! Fine tmr since its bed time now! Cya later
[W]:2018-12-16 00:48:11: Evert(~AE~): You could be yes XD
[W]:2018-12-16 00:48:30: Evert(~AE~): Nobody has found them though
[W]:2018-12-16 00:48:35: TribornSky(Oops): I just know am chillaxing to music killing stuff, if bother someone sorry not sorry for being me, perhaps if do bother you should slap self blame it on me also! *Nods* then keep doing it til face is raw of flesh :)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:48:49: Cracker0509(~AE~): i bet someone has
[W]:2018-12-16 00:48:59: TribornSky(Oops): CL of said yetis? or surprise also?
[W]:2018-12-16 00:49:02: Someone(Oops): Yeah, Marks lifeless body :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:49:12: Someone(Oops): cause dayum they fucked him up :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:49:23: Evert(~AE~): Erm, good point I forgot to look
[W]:2018-12-16 00:49:35: TribornSky(Oops): lol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:50:04: skitz(Oops): world scavenger hunt begin!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:50:09: Evert(~AE~): Ill head back and check
[W]:2018-12-16 00:50:38: Sapphire(~AE~): Someone found a Yeti, he was looking in the mirror lol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:50:43: Evert(~AE~): Hint - The two places you need to check are on first island ;)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:51:06: Someone(Oops): I shaved earlier this evening Sam ;)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:51:33: Shalimar(Oops): just woke up .. what are we looking for?
[W]:2018-12-16 00:51:34: Sapphire(~AE~): Haha
[W]:2018-12-16 00:51:45: Someone(Oops): We are looking for ducks
[W]:2018-12-16 00:52:15: Someone(Oops): Mark is going quackers and added the wrong christmas characters :/
[W]:2018-12-16 00:54:11: Evert(~AE~): Combat level 3 by the looks of it
[W]:2018-12-16 00:54:34: Someone(Oops): "by the looks of it" You coded it :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:55:03: skitz(Oops): You are returning to the Portal!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:55:16: Evert(~AE~): well shit that means nothing Liam you know that
[W]:2018-12-16 00:55:29: Someone(Oops): llol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:55:31: Evert(~AE~): Well done Skitz o/
[W]:2018-12-16 00:55:53: skitz(Oops): am i the first? =)
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:02: Evert(~AE~): I believe so
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:12: skitz(Oops): win!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:13: TribornSky(Oops): Dammit!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:18: kardz(Oops): nope, Ive been here about 5 minutes
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:25: kardz(Oops): got some frozen logs
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:26: TribornSky(Oops): I gave skitz idea to check xD
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:31: TribornSky(Oops): posted You exchanged 100 Snowballs for a Kringle Key :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:37: kardz(Oops): and adding hay to a sculpture now
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:48: TribornSky(Oops): Hmm Cool
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:49: Evert(~AE~): Ahh lol
[W]:2018-12-16 00:56:54: skitz(Oops): your sneaky evert =p
[W]:2018-12-16 00:57:02: Evert(~AE~): hehe
[W]:2018-12-16 00:57:13: kardz(Oops): got a blue ribbon and a green christmas present
[W]:2018-12-16 00:57:42: Evert(~AE~): There is an npc market here in case anyone forgets an gear
[W]:2018-12-16 00:58:36: TribornSky(Oops): How many on island now? :P
[W]:2018-12-16 00:58:47: kardz(Oops): me!
[W]:2018-12-16 00:59:03: TribornSky(Oops): 10s :D
[W]:2018-12-16 00:59:41: Evert(~AE~): 4 atm
[W]:2018-12-16 01:00:10: kardz(Oops): found santa
[W]:2018-12-16 01:00:12: kardz(Oops): :)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:00:20: TribornSky(Oops): so am 3rd/4th will take it :)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:00:25: Evert(~AE~): There will be more skills getting added ect as we move closer to Christmas :)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:00:57: TribornSky(Oops): Awesome! Tyvm Evert & Sapphire & Everybody else for your hard work :hug:
[W]:2018-12-16 01:01:19: kardz(Oops): yeah, this is fun!
[W]:2018-12-16 01:01:33: kardz(Oops): oooh, I found where you can open your gifts
[W]:2018-12-16 01:01:46: TribornSky(Oops): :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-16 01:01:57: skitz(Oops): im looking for evert's dd
[W]:2018-12-16 01:02:20: skitz(Oops): oops =p
[W]:2018-12-16 01:02:44: Evert(~AE~): Very welcome, hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it.
[W]:2018-12-16 01:02:56: skitz(Oops): tytyty =)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:03:40: Someone(Oops): Aslong as i have afk speed skill ;) or i'll have to shake my fists at you in an angry motion
[W]:2018-12-16 01:03:55: skitz(Oops): go skate figure 8's and shut up
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:03: Evert(~AE~): rofl Skitz
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:12: TribornSky(Oops): there is afkable speed things? :o
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:16: Someone(Oops): Now theres an idea >:)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:18: skitz(Oops): i got you back =>)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:31: TribornSky(Oops): /me figure 8s on skitz Weee
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:35: Someone(Oops): oh god, not another person having Marks back
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:39: skitz(Oops): just give me them DD'sxD
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:51: Sassie(TWC): /me throws snowballs into chat
[W]:2018-12-16 01:04:52: Someone(Oops): mmm DDs
[W]:2018-12-16 01:05:03: Someone(Oops): wait, which DDs are we talking about? :/
[W]:2018-12-16 01:05:03: skitz(Oops): * snow ball fight *
[W]:2018-12-16 01:05:23: skitz(Oops): evert's but he prob hacked them awayz
[W]:2018-12-16 01:05:31: TribornSky(Oops): hmm clicking forage in reinwood isn't doing anything
[W]:2018-12-16 01:05:35: Evert(~AE~): lol nope still there
[W]:2018-12-16 01:05:45: Evert(~AE~): On it Sky
[W]:2018-12-16 01:06:01: TribornSky(Oops): is np when fix, fix, am still exploring :)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:10:15: Evert(~AE~): fixed Sky
[W]:2018-12-16 01:10:52: TribornSky(Oops): Ty for all who shall forage :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-16 01:11:19: Evert(~AE~): No problem :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-16 01:16:53: TribornSky(Oops): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=35&v=QYHxGBH6o4M :dance2:
[W]:2018-12-16 01:31:46: TriDeathy: Evert has been killed by a Yeti
[W]:2018-12-16 01:32:27: TribornSky(Oops): um RIP?
[W]:2018-12-16 01:33:13: skitz(Oops): woo
[W]:2018-12-16 01:33:15: skitz(Oops): ty bb
[W]:2018-12-16 01:33:39: Evert(~AE~): lol testing something
[W]:2018-12-16 01:33:44: TriDeathy: Evert has been killed by a Yeti
[W]:2018-12-16 01:33:53: skitz(Oops): no dd's? =(
[W]:2018-12-16 01:37:01: Evert(~AE~): Should be now, my dd went undert the wrong mob id
[W]:2018-12-16 01:37:01: Evert(~AE~): Should be now, my dd went undert the wrong mob id
[W]:2018-12-16 01:37:31: skitz(Oops): got my eye out for it o.o
[W]:2018-12-16 01:38:26: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 1 Daffodil
[W]:2018-12-16 01:38:49: TribornSky(Oops): /me lays on Everts Corpse
[W]:2018-12-16 01:39:07: skitz(Oops): how does he find it before me
[W]:2018-12-16 01:39:09: skitz(Oops): im furious
[W]:2018-12-16 01:39:09: TriDeathy: Evert has been killed by a Yeti
[W]:2018-12-16 01:39:24: TribornSky(Oops): I'm just good skitz :D
[W]:2018-12-16 01:39:51: skitz(Oops): ganna takemy anger out on someones reddit post
[S]:2018-12-16 01:40:23: SYSTEM: Certain items are now player bound and exempt from being lost due to death. Atm Flags from game store and Kringle Key are bound to the player
[W]:2018-12-16 01:40:56: skitz(Oops): does this mean return of a lost flag lost ^
[W]:2018-12-16 01:41:08: skitz(Oops): =p
[W]:2018-12-16 01:41:26: Evert(~AE~): What flog did you lose?
[W]:2018-12-16 01:41:31: Evert(~AE~): Falg even
[W]:2018-12-16 01:41:34: Evert(~AE~): fuck it
[W]:2018-12-16 01:41:47: skitz(Oops): lelele
[W]:2018-12-16 01:41:53: skitz(Oops): /evrt/
[W]:2018-12-16 01:42:00: skitz(Oops): the halloween one =p
[W]:2018-12-16 01:43:09: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 1 Fertilizer lol
[W]:2018-12-16 01:43:25: skitz(Oops): haha you got $#*%
[W]:2018-12-16 01:44:00: TribornSky(Oops): Literally
[W]:2018-12-16 01:44:04: skitz(Oops): Someone died here, you found 1 Skeleton Cat
[W]:2018-12-16 01:44:17: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 1 Dracula Mask >: )
[W]:2018-12-16 01:44:26: skitz(Oops): Someone died here, you found 2 Coal..
[W]:2018-12-16 01:44:29: skitz(Oops): ive been naughty
[W]:2018-12-16 01:44:31: TribornSky(Oops): Damn I would love a pussie, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 01:44:39: TribornSky(Oops): um the cat and dog also :P
[W]:2018-12-16 01:45:00: Evert(~AE~): XD
[W]:2018-12-16 01:45:09: skitz(Oops): You got a Green Christmas Present finally found one of these legendary items
[W]:2018-12-16 01:45:20: Evert(~AE~): Sorted skitz
[W]:2018-12-16 01:45:51: skitz(Oops): dnt remind me xD
[W]:2018-12-16 01:46:07: skitz(Oops): sorted?
[W]:2018-12-16 01:46:13: Evert(~AE~): flag
[W]:2018-12-16 01:46:20: skitz(Oops): ohh
[W]:2018-12-16 01:46:39: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 1 Rose Aww~yeah :D
[W]:2018-12-16 01:46:53: skitz(Oops): how adorbz
[W]:2018-12-16 01:46:57: skitz(Oops): thats a /r
[W]:2018-12-16 01:47:27: skitz(Oops): ganna name it, with death, comes love
[W]:2018-12-16 01:47:31: Evert(~AE~): Ok heading afk for a bit, have fun guys < 3
[S]:2018-12-16 01:47:38: Welcome: Satan Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2018-12-16 01:47:44: skitz(Oops): cya bud
[W]:2018-12-16 01:47:50: TribornSky(Oops): Shall do & Ty again for awesome fun < 3
[W]:2018-12-16 01:48:26: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 1 hmm
[W]:2018-12-16 01:48:40: TribornSky(Oops): Idk what this 1 is yet it bothers me be curious o.o'
[W]:2018-12-16 01:48:59: Cracker0509(~AE~): You got a Silver Pickaxe :)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:49:11: skitz(Oops): lol you got the lucky random item
[W]:2018-12-16 01:49:52: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 2 Treasure Chest Arrrgh Booty! Yo~Ho~Ho
[W]:2018-12-16 01:49:58: Cracker0509(~AE~): that was a drop, not the DD
[W]:2018-12-16 01:50:17: skitz(Oops): yea everything so far has dropped them cracka
[W]:2018-12-16 01:50:49: Taldek(Syn): so no mining on christmas island eh
[W]:2018-12-16 01:51:47: Southamptonlife(TWC): So what skills do we have on Christmas island?
[W]:2018-12-16 01:51:51: TribornSky(Oops): is still skills/actions to be added as christmas gets closer
[W]:2018-12-16 01:52:26: TribornSky(Oops): Not sure on all, Third Dials is where open gifts, Giftmill make gifts(when have mats for them)
[W]:2018-12-16 01:52:54: TribornSky(Oops): Foraging Reinwood, Ice Skating/Fishing, is this old Santa dude at Kringle Castle :P and so on.
[W]:2018-12-16 01:53:17: Southamptonlife(TWC): sweet!!
[W]:2018-12-16 01:53:44: Southamptonlife(TWC): I know that guy!!!
[W]:2018-12-16 01:54:28: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 4 Snare can use these only had 1, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 01:55:09: TribornSky(Oops): He is a cool old fello am curious what he might ask of us or give us later on
[W]:2018-12-16 01:55:51: Taldek(Syn): how do i get back? out of christmas island?
[W]:2018-12-16 01:56:56: TribornSky(Oops): No Exit :o once enter trapped!
[W]:2018-12-16 01:56:59: skitz(Oops): thats a mystery
[W]:2018-12-16 01:57:06: skitz(Oops): why would you want to leave
[W]:2018-12-16 01:57:09: TribornSky(Oops): Until ends Bwuahaha!
[W]:2018-12-16 01:57:24: TribornSky(Oops): yeah npc shop up here :P
[W]:2018-12-16 01:57:29: Agamotto(Jack): been afk, how do i get to christmas island please?
[W]:2018-12-16 01:57:45: Taldek(Syn): if there was something to mine i would
[W]:2018-12-16 01:58:10: TribornSky(Oops): Buy key from Kringle Elf at Marvillia costs 100 snowballs, go to Marvilla Docks and click the huge snowflake top right
[W]:2018-12-16 01:58:27: TribornSky(Oops): or if don't see snowflake just look for something saying portal
[W]:2018-12-16 01:59:19: Agamotto(Jack): ty
[W]:2018-12-16 01:59:50: TribornSky(Oops): Np Yvw
[W]:2018-12-16 02:01:20: TribornSky(Oops): ah figured out wth that 1 was earlier without name
[W]:2018-12-16 02:01:30: TribornSky(Oops): was 1 crushed amethyst, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 02:02:06: Taldek(Syn): so uh, seriously, how does one leave the island?
[W]:2018-12-16 02:02:46: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 257 Pumpkin Pie :o Hellz ya! where be da whip cream! I got da munchies xD
[W]:2018-12-16 02:02:55: TribornSky(Oops): Not sure actually, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 02:03:02: Southamptonlife(TWC): Normally tugging on Santas bread will get u thrown out of the Mall.
[W]:2018-12-16 02:03:07: Taldek(Syn): no link at portal
[W]:2018-12-16 02:03:08: TribornSky(Oops): not looking for exit :o
[W]:2018-12-16 02:03:43: Taldek(Syn): wonderful
[W]:2018-12-16 02:04:01: TribornSky(Oops): Like said Evert trapping us xD
[W]:2018-12-16 02:04:01: TribornSky(Oops): Like said Evert trapping us xD
[W]:2018-12-16 02:04:12: skitz(Oops): try wondering around m8\
[W]:2018-12-16 02:04:15: TribornSky(Oops): while we play here everybody on mains will get insane events :o
[W]:2018-12-16 02:04:18: skitz(Oops): sure an exit or clickable is somewhere
[W]:2018-12-16 02:04:19: TribornSky(Oops): Sneaky Sneaky!
[W]:2018-12-16 02:04:28: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 416 Tomato Seed
[W]:2018-12-16 02:05:14: Taldek(Syn): only way evert can force me to use skills other than mining. :P
[W]:2018-12-16 02:05:29: Taldek(Syn): and i have these shiny new silver picks too. bah
[W]:2018-12-16 02:18:45: Southamptonlife(TWC): am I missing something? at Marvilla docks with a Kingle Key, how do I get to the island?
[W]:2018-12-16 02:19:37: TribornSky(Oops): suppose to be snowflake top right doesn't show for some look for the portal option
[W]:2018-12-16 02:19:43: TribornSky(Oops): will bring you up here
[H]:2018-12-16 02:19:48: Marley(F&M): lSouthhamptonlife ... click on the snowflake on the mini map
[W]:2018-12-16 02:19:54: Shalimar(Oops): i did not see anything that glistened .. found portl bt acident while moving mouse around map
[W]:2018-12-16 02:20:09: Southamptonlife(TWC): Snowflake didnt show but roll over still worked Thanks!
[H]:2018-12-16 02:20:43: Guide: Please use Help Chat for all game related questions, ty
[H]:2018-12-16 02:22:14: Southamptonlife(TWC): I build sculpture event working?
[H]:2018-12-16 02:22:38: Southamptonlife(TWC): Is*
[H]:2018-12-16 02:23:17: Rudolph(Jack): if thats the one you add hay to then it should be working
[H]:2018-12-16 02:23:58: Southamptonlife(TWC): K said I didnt have enough hay, 100+ on me. Send ticket?
[H]:2018-12-16 02:24:25: Rudolph(Jack): you can
[H]:2018-12-16 02:25:20: Southamptonlife(TWC): Do we know the mats for making each gift?
[H]:2018-12-16 02:25:29: Rudolph(Jack): not yet
[H]:2018-12-16 02:26:06: Rudolph(Jack): best guess....the gifts will be made from things you find/get on the island
[W]:2018-12-16 02:47:06: Shalimar(Oops): are we supposed to be finding anything while foraging at reinwood?
[H]:2018-12-16 02:48:28: Rudolph(Jack): how long have you been foraging shalimar?
[H]:2018-12-16 02:49:20: Shalimar(Oops): maybe 5 or 10 minutes .. just curious
[H]:2018-12-16 02:49:52: Shalimar(Oops): but nothing so far
[H]:2018-12-16 02:49:54: Rudolph(Jack): ok...the event just started, all skills may not be coded fully yet, if you've foraged that long with no drops i'd stop and work something else :)
[H]:2018-12-16 02:50:13: Shalimar(Oops): ty
[H]:2018-12-16 02:53:59: Shalimar(Oops): am at portal at flakefall.. how do i leave island?
[H]:2018-12-16 02:55:16: Rudolph(Jack): umm yea....that we haven't figured out yet
[H]:2018-12-16 02:55:30: Shalimar(Oops): o,o :(
[W]:2018-12-16 02:56:00: Moderator: https://youtu.be/BaoregV1Wak
[W]:2018-12-16 02:56:46: TribornSky(Oops): < 3 Once Checked In Don't Leave xD
[W]:2018-12-16 02:59:47: Rudolph(Jack): sorry folks regular triborn is closed, moose out front should have told ya
[W]:2018-12-16 03:00:32: Shalimar(Oops): my presentas are in my house :P
[W]:2018-12-16 03:00:41: Shalimar(Oops): presents
[W]:2018-12-16 03:03:03: Marley(F&M): Maybe it's a dirty trick, and Santa is taking us all prisoner to force us to work as his slaves for xmas
[W]:2018-12-16 03:03:42: TribornSky(Oops): Hey fine with me.
[W]:2018-12-16 03:03:42: Rudolph(Jack): new elves have to come from somewhere :eyes:
[W]:2018-12-16 03:04:02: TribornSky(Oops): Just pay me in food xD oh and maybe some scraps aka better equip when can use, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 03:04:14: TribornSky(Oops): Imma easy slave :) I will enslave self *Nods*
[W]:2018-12-16 03:05:24: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 1 Crocus ... Crocie Crocus
[W]:2018-12-16 03:06:36: TribornSky(Oops): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=yURRmWtbTbo Mod ;)
[W]:2018-12-16 03:06:50: TribornSky(Oops): Crank it up :dance:
[W]:2018-12-16 03:12:32: Marley(F&M): so far I can't do anything, anywhere I've been lol
[W]:2018-12-16 03:12:58: TribornSky(Oops): only fighting, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 03:13:07: TribornSky(Oops): open gifts hmm think best to wait on those
[W]:2018-12-16 03:13:20: TribornSky(Oops): until know are giving stuff like suppose to
[W]:2018-12-16 03:13:35: TribornSky(Oops): oh wait you can figure skate Marley
[W]:2018-12-16 03:13:50: Marley(F&M): ah ha! I can Build the Sculpture
[W]:2018-12-16 03:13:57: TribornSky(Oops): not sure if is like foraging tho drops but not giving
[W]:2018-12-16 03:14:12: Marley(F&M): lemme guess .. is ice skating speed skill?
[W]:2018-12-16 03:14:27: TribornSky(Oops): yep
[W]:2018-12-16 03:14:39: Shalimar(Oops): i can't .. no hay and can't leave island
[W]:2018-12-16 03:15:03: TribornSky(Oops): come to hoodwink :P
[W]:2018-12-16 03:15:19: TribornSky(Oops): will flick ya 420 hay what do ya say xD
[W]:2018-12-16 03:15:57: Shalimar(Oops): omw .. i rthink
[W]:2018-12-16 03:16:09: TribornSky(Oops): You struck the Yeti for 1 damage 7/8 The Yeti missed 14/17 You have broken your Bronze Hands lol
[W]:2018-12-16 03:16:30: TribornSky(Oops): be nice if had 17 hp :P was showing 16 earlier when have been 14hp / got 15hp bit ago
[W]:2018-12-16 03:16:37: TribornSky(Oops): silly hp XD
[W]:2018-12-16 03:17:26: TribornSky(Oops): Someone died here, you found 69 Essence Of Accuracy Mmm whole lotta acc goin on
[W]:2018-12-16 03:35:32: TribornSky(Oops): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=24&v=5Nrv5teMc9Y ?
[W]:2018-12-16 03:35:42: TribornSky(Oops): ?
[W]:2018-12-16 03:36:19: TribornSky(Oops): ugh, sorry not meant to be ? am doing alt+3 for heart sign yet shows ? XD lol oh well
[W]:2018-12-16 03:36:33: Marley(F&M): yeah that doesn't work here lol
[W]:2018-12-16 03:37:06: TribornSky(Oops): :P yeah and the bouncing hearts make some ppl dizzy/they dislike, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 03:37:13: TribornSky(Oops): can't win :(
[W]:2018-12-16 03:40:00: Marley(F&M): okies afk all
[W]:2018-12-16 03:40:21: TribornSky(Oops): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=61&v=yTCDVfMz15M *Heart* Fuckin Love P!nk
[W]:2018-12-16 03:40:28: TribornSky(Oops): Cya Marley :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-16 04:45:45: TriDeathy: Kirale has been killed by a Evil Elf
[S]:2018-12-16 05:10:25: SYSTEM: Pandike has boosted Exp for 2 hours
[W]:2018-12-16 05:34:21: Kirale: Thanks Pandike!
[W]:2018-12-16 05:59:08: Schubert(Jack): thank you :)
[W]:2018-12-16 07:26:48: TribornSky(Oops): /me runs around island looking for exit x.x
[W]:2018-12-16 07:27:25: TribornSky(Oops): Meza need bronze legs, iron daggers & more food xD well got food just rather not eat maters better for cooks to get exp from :)
[W]:2018-12-16 07:27:41: bosshogg(~AE~): do you have another key to leave
[W]:2018-12-16 07:34:03: TribornSky(Oops): ? need another key to leave I still got the 1 I bought that let me come here x.x
[W]:2018-12-16 07:34:22: TribornSky(Oops): You are skating around Kringle Lake You found a Green Christmas Present
[W]:2018-12-16 07:35:44: bosshogg(~AE~): go to 3 dials shows ya where portal is
[W]:2018-12-16 07:36:38: bosshogg(~AE~): nvm
[W]:2018-12-16 07:37:30: bosshogg(~AE~): well have to get evert to fix tomm
[W]:2018-12-16 07:38:02: TribornSky(Oops): yeah we trapped here atm, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 07:38:16: TribornSky(Oops): would be fine if had what all needed
[W]:2018-12-16 07:38:31: Pandike(~AE~): not that bad, plenty of stuff to do, just need to go back tomorrow for farming ....
[W]:2018-12-16 07:39:18: TribornSky(Oops): tools yep got them, food yep some for a decent while, better equip/best can use atm nope xD
[W]:2018-12-16 07:39:21: bosshogg(~AE~): didnt bring anything but stuff to fight and it keeps breaking
[W]:2018-12-16 07:39:34: TribornSky(Oops): dang
[W]:2018-12-16 07:40:29: TribornSky(Oops): True Pandike, some skills not quite workin right tho, ofc is still very early for everything so can't complain cause need to give plenty of time to fix whatever problems may happen :)
[W]:2018-12-16 07:42:02: TribornSky(Oops): Interesting thing tho, I was in my speed outfit when 1st swung by kringle lake started ice skate timer was 61 secs...but then I came back still in armor on -15 speed from spells, timer was 81 was like wth?
[W]:2018-12-16 07:42:28: TribornSky(Oops): put on suit timer still 81 xD so said bah whatever lets do fishing, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 07:48:34: TribornSky(Oops): Anyways, Looking forward to when can leave/come back to island and more skills/actions can do on X~Mas Island :) for now Imma try napping, Nighty Night Tribornians ~*Waves*~
[W]:2018-12-16 07:48:46: Pandike(~AE~): how long ago was that first try, there were boosters on earlier
[W]:2018-12-16 07:49:03: Pandike(~AE~): Night TribornSky
[W]:2018-12-16 07:50:43: TribornSky(Oops): ah yep nvm booster was on hmm doesn't explain why speed suit didn't help timer/shrunken head should of at least made it 76s , oh well
[W]:2018-12-16 08:26:14: koman(F&M): so I'm way behind the times ... what is this about x-mas island? Is there a post about it?
[T]:2018-12-16 08:28:11: Someone(Oops): Buying Snowballs, up to 60.. 500 Sol each, wisp me
[W]:2018-12-16 08:29:56: TriDeathy: bosshogg has been killed by a Yeti
[W]:2018-12-16 08:33:34: Someone(Oops): Just putting this out there.. Snowballs cannot be traded from player to player but they can be added to guild SH's :P
[W]:2018-12-16 08:34:38: Pandike(~AE~): I'll go kill some yeti's
[W]:2018-12-16 10:41:06: HeavensAllow(Syn): 12428 actions till next lvl lets go!
[S]:2018-12-16 12:00:22: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Exp boost has been activated for 10 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 12:00:26: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Drop boost has been activated for 10 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 12:00:31: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Increased Success has been activated for 10 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 12:00:35: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Timer Boost has been activated for 10 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 12:00:39: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase MP boost has been activated for 10 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 12:09:29: Welcome: Eternal Erosion Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2018-12-16 12:14:11: HeavensAllow(Syn): Good to see that i have almost 14.5k total lvl according to the highscores xD
[W]:2018-12-16 12:15:21: HeavensAllow(Syn): And welcome Eternal Erosion! If u have any questions feel free to ask on help channel, im sure people will answer u as soon as possible
[H]:2018-12-16 12:19:05: Eternal Erosion: Whats the christmas skill? Can't find it on the manual
[H]:2018-12-16 12:19:48: HeavensAllow(Syn): Its a event skill. You can lvl it up on a special insland during this holiday
[H]:2018-12-16 12:20:35: HeavensAllow(Syn): To get there u need to buy a special key at the NPC at Marvillia for 100 snowballs, u can get them as random drops on regular skills
[H]:2018-12-16 12:21:39: HeavensAllow(Syn): After u have the key travel to Marvilia Docks and click on the snowflake on the map and u will travel to the special island where any action gives christmas skill xp
[H]:2018-12-16 12:22:57: Eternal Erosion: Thanks do I need to do anything when doing the skills?
[H]:2018-12-16 12:24:50: Cracker0509(~AE~): yes, fishing rods, hatchets...etc.
[H]:2018-12-16 12:50:05: Eternal Erosion: How do the player events work?
[H]:2018-12-16 13:11:56: HeavensAllow(Syn): Player events can be triggered by people who use skill scrolls, u can get them from donations, and guve extra 25% xp on the mentioned action
[H]:2018-12-16 13:12:40: HeavensAllow(Syn): Player events work the same way as the regular action itself but give the extra xp
[H]:2018-12-16 13:16:26: skitz(Oops): are we allowed to leave the hellish winter land yet?
[H]:2018-12-16 13:16:56: Cracker0509(~AE~): nope
[W]:2018-12-16 13:17:33: skitz(Oops): lol did younever get off tri xD
[W]:2018-12-16 13:17:40: skitz(Oops): wc =3
[H]:2018-12-16 13:17:50: skitz(Oops): wack=L ty
[H]:2018-12-16 13:18:33: HeavensAllow(Syn): Is it known what we need to do to help santa yet?
[H]:2018-12-16 13:19:27: skitz(Oops): probly done past me by a bit too
[W]:2018-12-16 13:19:56: skitz(Oops): wc ughits too early t,t
[T]:2018-12-16 13:33:17: GM(~AE~): trading 100k solars and 4 spells book pages for 8k silver ore. if you have less just whisper and we will make a deal :) < 3
[W]:2018-12-16 14:36:52: TriDeathy: skitz has been killed by a Yeti
[W]:2018-12-16 14:37:05: HeavensAllow(Syn): RIP skitz
[H]:2018-12-16 15:11:31: Faldor(Oops): Is there any way off Snow Island or christmas Island?
[W]:2018-12-16 15:11:54: creature(TWC): nope your stuck forever
[H]:2018-12-16 15:11:56: Faldor(Oops): I have bronz weapon
[H]:2018-12-16 15:12:05: Faldor(Oops): wc
[W]:2018-12-16 15:12:30: creature(TWC): how do you think santa has workers? human trafficking
[H]:2018-12-16 15:12:34: Faldor(Oops): lol thx
[H]:2018-12-16 15:13:07: Eternal Erosion: Why do i have 0/0 HP?
[W]:2018-12-16 15:13:17: creature(TWC): :dance2:
[W]:2018-12-16 15:13:19: sandokan555(Jack): :)
[H]:2018-12-16 15:13:49: sandokan555(Jack): you not start with combat skill? ..maybe ?
[W]:2018-12-16 15:14:02: creature(TWC): whats your character level eternal?
[W]:2018-12-16 15:14:49: creature(TWC): (Character Level / 2) + ((Attack + Defence + Strength) / 3)
[H]:2018-12-16 15:14:51: Eternal Erosion: How can i start the combat skill if I dont have hp to begin with xD
[H]:2018-12-16 15:16:11: sandokan555(Jack): creature have right, your character skill? ..
[H]:2018-12-16 15:16:38: Eternal Erosion: Character: 5
[H]:2018-12-16 15:17:26: sandokan555(Jack): only try atack bug or something and it change after you got combat lvl
[H]:2018-12-16 15:17:48: Eternal Erosion: It says im dead
[W]:2018-12-16 15:17:58: creature(TWC): you should have 2 hp then
[W]:2018-12-16 15:18:21: creature(TWC): try to eat some lettituce maybe? if not i dont know
[W]:2018-12-16 15:18:45: creature(TWC): the formula i posted was from the manual for hp
[H]:2018-12-16 15:19:08: sandokan555(Jack): before you have 10 combat skills (2 attack + 2 deff +6 strength or 8 attack +1defff + 1 str) you not lost your inventory if you die
[H]:2018-12-16 15:19:59: sandokan555(Jack): creature .. first HP is a bit buged .. it not write it correct ...
[H]:2018-12-16 15:20:59: Eternal Erosion: I dont have any lettuce, I did try to eat tomato and mushroom but its still HP: 0/0 I also tried relogging still nothing I guess ill just wait for high level when i start that
[W]:2018-12-16 15:22:44: creature(TWC): yeah i would wait for another level or 2. like sandokan said, might be a bug too
[H]:2018-12-16 15:22:48: sandokan555(Jack): you can start with combat its not problem , but in this game is combat a bit .. how write it .. not best :) ... if you have combat lvl 14 you can die on bug lvl 1 ... if you go afk ..
[W]:2018-12-16 15:23:35: creature(TWC): if you click on messages and hit ticket you can but a ticket in for it
[W]:2018-12-16 15:24:34: creature(TWC): you have a weapon equiped?
[W]:2018-12-16 15:25:01: creature(TWC): when you try i mean
[W]:2018-12-16 15:25:01: creature(TWC): when you try i mean
[H]:2018-12-16 15:25:18: Eternal Erosion: yes i have bronze dagger and bronce gauntlets equipped
[H]:2018-12-16 15:25:24: Eternal Erosion: bronze*
[H]:2018-12-16 15:26:14: sandokan555(Jack): you can start and dont care about 0HP ..if you get combat lvl it write correctly
[H]:2018-12-16 15:29:22: Eternal Erosion: I cant start with 0 hp because it will just says im dead
[H]:2018-12-16 15:29:52: Eternal Erosion: ill just try again later when my character level is higher
[H]:2018-12-16 15:35:08: Eternal Erosion: I've sent a ticket just in case too
[W]:2018-12-16 15:35:46: creature(TWC): cool, thats a good thing to do especially if somethings not calculating right
[W]:2018-12-16 15:49:26: HeavensAllow(Syn): Can someone explain to me why the highscores claims i have near 22k total lvls?
[W]:2018-12-16 15:50:57: Shalimar(Oops): idk ..last i looked i was first and you were below me
[W]:2018-12-16 15:51:36: Cracker0509(~AE~): because levels are messed up, and no one really cares about highscores
[W]:2018-12-16 15:51:39: HeavensAllow(Syn): weird as hell for me it says i have 22k, you have 9677 and Losain 8122
[W]:2018-12-16 15:52:30: Shalimar(Oops): something is defo screrwy
[W]:2018-12-16 15:52:58: Shalimar(Oops): screwy
[W]:2018-12-16 15:53:35: HeavensAllow(Syn): Indeed but its funy xD
[W]:2018-12-16 15:54:19: Shalimar(Oops): lol .. that is 1 of tjhe 2 areas that i WAS first in :P
[W]:2018-12-16 15:54:54: HeavensAllow(Syn): xD you still are in character and xp at the very least
[W]:2018-12-16 15:57:19: Shalimar(Oops): was just those and lvs . too much of an all rounder to get top rankings in a gathering or professional skill lol
[W]:2018-12-16 15:58:25: HeavensAllow(Syn): i mean with time its relative easy to reach a top
[W]:2018-12-16 15:59:40: HeavensAllow(Syn): Just requires a lot of time invested into it
[W]:2018-12-16 16:00:54: Shalimar(Oops): yeah .. i just want to do too many things lol :P
[T]:2018-12-16 16:13:11: GM(~AE~): trading 100k solars and 4 spells book pages for 8k silver ore. if you have less just whisper and we will make a deal
[H]:2018-12-16 16:19:52: sandokan555(Jack): 84 You are opening Blue Gifts undefined .... what i get?
[H]:2018-12-16 16:22:00: sandokan555(Jack): from another i get 20 steel bars .. and 200 lockpicking exp.
[W]:2018-12-16 16:33:07: Agamotto(Jack): homemade chexmix in the oven
[H]:2018-12-16 17:08:30: HeavensAllow(Syn): What are the contents of the presents? Anyone opened a few of them already?
[H]:2018-12-16 17:10:22: Faldor(Oops): wood lumber steel bar bronze bar ect
[H]:2018-12-16 17:10:58: HeavensAllow(Syn): crafting related skills materials then thanks
[H]:2018-12-16 17:11:15: Faldor(Oops): np
[H]:2018-12-16 17:11:57: Faldor(Oops): oh and a lot of snowballs lol
[H]:2018-12-16 17:12:41: HeavensAllow(Syn): I assume we will use them to buy a snowman or something gotta wait and see what Santa requests us to do
[H]:2018-12-16 17:14:07: Faldor(Oops): or a big snowball battle royal Guild against guild :LOL:
[H]:2018-12-16 17:18:37: sandokan555(Jack): blue presents ...2* nothing ,6* 4-20 steel bars, 1* 74snowballs ...2* i dont know ... + 200 lockpicking exp. ea
[H]:2018-12-16 17:18:59: HeavensAllow(Syn): I see thanks mate
[W]:2018-12-16 17:19:34: Wally(F&M): 100 snowballs to get a key for christmas island
[W]:2018-12-16 17:26:27: GM(~AE~): Someone died here, you found 7 Spell Book Page were these yours?
[W]:2018-12-16 17:30:40: HeavensAllow(Syn): Maybe skitz? he died earlier
[W]:2018-12-16 17:33:09: Faldor(Oops): could be his
[W]:2018-12-16 17:33:40: Faldor(Oops): he not on right now
[W]:2018-12-16 17:33:43: HeavensAllow(Syn): Oh yeah, if you wanna leave the xmas island just die! easy
[W]:2018-12-16 17:34:01: HeavensAllow(Syn): Doesnt that send u to Marvilia?
[W]:2018-12-16 17:34:01: HeavensAllow(Syn): Doesnt that send u to Marvilia?
[W]:2018-12-16 17:34:09: GM(~AE~): No you stay at the same location in which you die.. just without items
[W]:2018-12-16 17:34:19: HeavensAllow(Syn): Oh... well nvm then
[W]:2018-12-16 17:34:39: Faldor(Oops): so don't die lol
[W]:2018-12-16 17:35:29: HeavensAllow(Syn): Better not yeah Losain would kill me im sure
[S]:2018-12-16 17:41:11: SYSTEM: Your imprisonment is over and you can now leave Flakefall island, just click the portal on minimap XD
[S]:2018-12-16 17:59:34: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Exp boost has been activated for 20 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 17:59:37: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Drop boost has been activated for 20 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 17:59:40: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Increased Success has been activated for 20 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 17:59:43: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase Timer Boost has been activated for 20 hours!
[S]:2018-12-16 17:59:47: SYSTEM: Thanks to a store purchase MP boost has been activated for 20 hours!
[W]:2018-12-16 18:02:55: HeavensAllow(Syn): loving this event Evert getting 23 lvls per action :D
[W]:2018-12-16 18:04:55: sandokan555(Jack): in real ... you dont get them ...
[W]:2018-12-16 18:05:29: HeavensAllow(Syn): I am aware its simply a nice display bug
[W]:2018-12-16 18:06:33: Evert(~AE~): lol will look into that today XD
[W]:2018-12-16 18:06:55: HeavensAllow(Syn): No worries at all xD
[W]:2018-12-16 18:19:16: Wally(F&M): Someone died here, you found 13 Toffee Apple :0
[W]:2018-12-16 18:20:19: creature(TWC): thank you admin!
[H]:2018-12-16 18:22:43: Eternal Erosion: my HP is fixed :D
[W]:2018-12-16 18:23:15: creature(TWC): awesome :)
[W]:2018-12-16 18:27:28: Evert(~AE~): < 3
[W]:2018-12-16 18:34:45: sandokan555(Jack): i have christmass pudding
[W]:2018-12-16 18:34:50: sandokan555(Jack): wc
[T]:2018-12-16 18:39:22: GM(~AE~): Trading spell book pages and 20k solars for silver, 1 Page and 20k per 1k silver.
[W]:2018-12-16 18:40:20: GM(~AE~): Someone died here, you found 724 Halloween Pumpkin Seeds and you can have these too..
[W]:2018-12-16 18:40:49: creature(TWC): yeti hunting?
[W]:2018-12-16 18:41:10: GM(~AE~): Yeti killing :o
[W]:2018-12-16 18:42:40: Agamotto(Jack): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OR07r0ZMFb8
[W]:2018-12-16 18:42:58: GM(~AE~): :no:
[W]:2018-12-16 18:44:21: HeavensAllow(Syn): guess yetis are packed with DD still
[W]:2018-12-16 18:45:24: GM(~AE~): There will be more.. probably mine included. XD
[W]:2018-12-16 18:45:57: HeavensAllow(Syn): Ill wait to go there and kill a few after those are accounted for then :P
[W]:2018-12-16 18:46:39: GM(~AE~): You struck the Yeti for 9 damage -1/8 sucks you still get hit first though XD
[W]:2018-12-16 18:48:13: GM(~AE~): You struck the Yeti for 10 damage -9/8 wasnt a 1 hit but my first double digit hit! XD
[W]:2018-12-16 18:48:20: HeavensAllow(Syn): Eventually :P
[W]:2018-12-16 18:59:47: creature(TWC): bit of everything
[W]:2018-12-16 18:59:53: creature(TWC): wc
[W]:2018-12-16 19:02:22: Someone(Oops): Still have 1639 pumpkin seeds myself :/
[W]:2018-12-16 19:04:44: Someone(Oops): Do we have an afk speed place on the awesome looking island?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:04:59: GM(~AE~): Yes.
[W]:2018-12-16 19:05:05: GM(~AE~): Don't know where it is though :P
[W]:2018-12-16 19:05:22: HeavensAllow(Syn): Midle of the lake, same as fishing spot
[W]:2018-12-16 19:06:40: Cracker0509(~AE~): i think its called, trying to get laid, but never gonna get there
[W]:2018-12-16 19:06:42: Someone(Oops): awesome, thank you
[S]:2018-12-16 19:07:11: SYSTEM: Christmas Deals now available in the game store, 100% More Points, Scrolls and Globals with our usual offers of Crowns and a Collectable Flag
[W]:2018-12-16 19:07:15: Someone(Oops): Yeah, 3 months ago was the last time Cracker :/ deadly
[W]:2018-12-16 19:08:14: GM(~AE~): 3 months?! Aren't hookers legal where you live?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:08:24: GM(~AE~): I'm sorry.. Sexual Spirit Healer.
[W]:2018-12-16 19:09:06: Someone(Oops): 3 months tonight actually... only remember that cause its the night i also got my ticket coming home
[W]:2018-12-16 19:10:11: GM(~AE~): Damn you're at the point where you cant even look at Advertisements anymore..
[W]:2018-12-16 19:10:25: Evert(~AE~): rofl
[W]:2018-12-16 19:10:30: GM(~AE~): Once you make it to the Bras section you have to run to the bathroom..
[W]:2018-12-16 19:11:02: Someone(Oops): I know.. its bloody deadly
[W]:2018-12-16 19:11:37: GM(~AE~): Eh, after 11 months I just wake up and shut it in the refrigerator door.. Deployments get long..
[W]:2018-12-16 19:12:02: Someone(Oops): Bet you piss over yourself in the morning :P
[W]:2018-12-16 19:12:45: creature(TWC): where at GM?
[S]:2018-12-16 19:20:39: SYSTEM: Frozen Wood can now be milled into Frozen Lumber at Reinwood
[W]:2018-12-16 19:22:57: GM(~AE~): Can I hit with that piece of lumber?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:25:01: Someone(Oops): Speed Level 38 (600,272 Exp) Smashed that 600k :D
[W]:2018-12-16 19:28:12: creature(TWC): no dd in a while now
[W]:2018-12-16 19:30:03: HeavensAllow(Syn): Time for someone else to die then'
[W]:2018-12-16 19:32:03: creature(TWC): gained 2 combat levels last night and today. might try for a few more soon
[W]:2018-12-16 19:32:19: Evert(~AE~): Nice
[W]:2018-12-16 19:32:55: creature(TWC): :)
[W]:2018-12-16 19:36:12: GM(~AE~): Attack Level 28 (214133 Exp) 3515 Exp for next level :D
[W]:2018-12-16 19:36:55: creature(TWC): 10 levels more than me. at 18 for each of them
[W]:2018-12-16 19:37:41: GM(~AE~): yea I stopped with str and def.. :P
[W]:2018-12-16 19:38:01: GM(~AE~): Ill go back to str to 25 after attack 30 at some point.
[W]:2018-12-16 19:38:11: creature(TWC): i was too lazy to turn off multi lol
[W]:2018-12-16 19:38:12: HeavensAllow(Syn): 23 more than me
[W]:2018-12-16 19:38:19: Evert(~AE~): We serisously not got carrots in Triborn?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:38:55: HeavensAllow(Syn): We do now?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:39:11: creature(TWC): no carrots here
[W]:2018-12-16 19:39:12: Evert(~AE~): Gonna have to add them in XD what a balls up XD
[W]:2018-12-16 19:39:34: creature(TWC): better up then down
[W]:2018-12-16 19:39:47: GM(~AE~): I know what we dont have!
[W]:2018-12-16 19:39:48: Evert(~AE~): rofl
[W]:2018-12-16 19:39:50: GM(~AE~): Yet..
[W]:2018-12-16 19:39:51: HeavensAllow(Syn): Xmas event, if nothing like halloween one happens, will end when?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:41:03: Evert(~AE~): Probably going to leave the island open until end of 1st Jan so everyone can get a chance to get all the items ect
[W]:2018-12-16 19:41:40: HeavensAllow(Syn): Seems good to me :D If we remain at the island when it closes we wont be able to leave until next year right?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:41:55: Evert(~AE~): XD
[W]:2018-12-16 19:41:56: creature(TWC): that would be so awesome
[W]:2018-12-16 19:42:19: HeavensAllow(Syn): Stuck on Xmas island for the whole eternity
[W]:2018-12-16 19:42:43: Evert(~AE~): lol would be funny, not sure eveyone would see the funny side to it though XD
[W]:2018-12-16 19:43:31: HeavensAllow(Syn): I mean their problem for not leaving right? They knew the risks when they entered a random portal
[W]:2018-12-16 19:43:57: HeavensAllow(Syn): Besides they get presents all year they would be fine
[W]:2018-12-16 19:44:09: HeavensAllow(Syn): they would* get
[W]:2018-12-16 19:44:31: GM(~AE~): Yea never enter a random hole without knowing whats through it first O_O
[W]:2018-12-16 19:50:00: creature(TWC): does that include sticking things in random holes too?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:50:32: GM(~AE~): Defintely.
[W]:2018-12-16 19:50:58: creature(TWC): oh well, maybe i'll learn sometime or another
[W]:2018-12-16 19:50:59: Evert(~AE~): hehe
[S]:2018-12-16 19:56:58: SYSTEM: Carrots can be picked at Snowgleam Forest
[W]:2018-12-16 19:59:05: creature(TWC): on my way for some carrots. save them for easter?
[W]:2018-12-16 19:59:43: Evert(~AE~): May need them before Easter :o
[W]:2018-12-16 19:59:56: creature(TWC): those waskley wabbits
[S]:2018-12-16 20:00:01: SYSTEM: Congratulations Losain is this weeks lottery winner of 50 Points!
[W]:2018-12-16 20:00:16: HeavensAllow(Syn): Grtz Losain!
[W]:2018-12-16 20:01:08: creature(TWC): oooo bundles of carrots nice
[W]:2018-12-16 20:03:16: HeavensAllow(Syn): BTW will this event be community wise or player wise?
[W]:2018-12-16 20:03:44: Evert(~AE~): This year is going to be player focused
[W]:2018-12-16 20:04:46: Evert(~AE~): Big plan is to make each year differ slightly so its not always the same old routine for the holiday events
[W]:2018-12-16 20:05:28: Agamotto(Jack): so we can keep the fish, wood, carrots and such or is there some global event/goal to add them to?
[W]:2018-12-16 20:06:19: Evert(~AE~): All the materials collected will be used for various things. Anything left over like halloween will be tradable for regular counterparts.
[W]:2018-12-16 20:06:32: Evert(~AE~): I will be coding that first after new years before finishing the new island
[W]:2018-12-16 20:07:14: Agamotto(Jack): ty
[W]:2018-12-16 20:07:22: Evert(~AE~): np :)
[W]:2018-12-16 20:08:00: creature(TWC): almost feel like taking the next 2 weeks off work :)'
[W]:2018-12-16 20:09:33: Evert(~AE~): hehe
[S]:2018-12-16 20:28:02: SYSTEM: Reindeer can be hunted at Snowgleam Forest (Bow & Carrots Required)
[W]:2018-12-16 20:28:30: Sassie(TWC): /me throws snowballs into chat :P
[W]:2018-12-16 20:29:06: GM(~AE~): Here little reindeer please have a carrot to calm you as I shoot you with a bow!
[W]:2018-12-16 20:29:33: Evert(~AE~): /me ducks
[W]:2018-12-16 21:06:10: creature(TWC): yes reindeer meat
[W]:2018-12-16 21:07:35: creature(TWC): could hunting reindeer make my honour get lower. all this good stuff making it go in the wrong direction
[W]:2018-12-16 21:08:45: Wally(F&M): creature No but it gets you on the naughty list
[W]:2018-12-16 21:09:53: creature(TWC): :poo:
[W]:2018-12-16 21:10:25: creature(TWC): stepped in reindeer poop
[W]:2018-12-16 21:11:35: Evert(~AE~): XD
[S]:2018-12-16 21:12:39: SYSTEM: Mining is now open at Colduel Ridge
[W]:2018-12-16 21:13:16: creature(TWC): creature got run over by a reindeer
[W]:2018-12-16 21:14:15: Sassie(TWC): lol
[W]:2018-12-16 21:40:10: Taldek(Syn): ^ ^
[W]:2018-12-16 21:46:22: Taldek(Syn): yay something to mine. tyvm evert
[W]:2018-12-16 21:54:10: HeavensAllow(Syn): You found some Santa Pants - Be carefull of a runaway pantless santa
[W]:2018-12-16 21:55:09: Rudolph(Jack): hunting....reindeer?? evert i thought we were pals :(
[W]:2018-12-16 21:55:40: Southamptonlife(TWC): Run run Rudolph!!
[H]:2018-12-16 21:59:23: Eternal Erosion: where do i use the kringle key?
[H]:2018-12-16 22:00:14: Rudolph(Jack): at marvillia docks
[H]:2018-12-16 22:00:31: Rudolph(Jack): when there click the giant snowflake on the map to go to christmas island
[H]:2018-12-16 22:00:36: Wally(F&M): go to marvillia docks and hit the snowflake on the map
[H]:2018-12-16 22:00:55: Eternal Erosion: thanks
[W]:2018-12-16 22:02:27: Wally(F&M): sorry Rudolph thought you was hiding :p
[W]:2018-12-16 22:06:20: Kirale: It's only the reindeer who laughed and called you names, we promise
[W]:2018-12-16 22:07:25: Rudolph(Jack): hmm...i can live with that :)
[W]:2018-12-16 23:09:37: tazman77(Beasts): hello all
[W]:2018-12-16 23:09:49: Rudolph(Jack): heya
[T]:2018-12-16 23:16:49: Wally(F&M): anyone selling bronze battleaxe?
[W]:2018-12-16 23:23:09: HeavensAllow(Syn): Thanks TribornSky for the spell
[W]:2018-12-16 23:24:54: TribornSky(Oops): Np, Yvw :)
[S]:2018-12-16 23:43:35: TriBotty: bosshogg has triggered a Foraging invasion at Marvillia_Docks
[S]:2018-12-16 23:44:00: TriBotty: bosshogg has boosted the Foraging invasion at Marvillia_Docks
[W]:2018-12-16 23:46:09: HeavensAllow(Syn): Thanks aswell skitz for the mining spell xD
[W]:2018-12-16 23:51:19: HeavensAllow(Syn): what am i spell practice? Losain with construction spell now and tribornsky thanks again xD
[W]:2018-12-16 23:51:47: TribornSky(Oops): Seems so, lol
[W]:2018-12-16 23:52:01: TribornSky(Oops): Yvw :) Just lvled Timber Time :D
[W]:2018-12-16 23:57:48: HeavensAllow(Syn): Im off to sleep cya later and thanks Rudolph aswell xD
[W]:2018-12-16 23:59:50: TribornSky(Oops): Nighty Night
[H]:2018-12-17 00:45:45: Ruriks(TWC): Why are the Christmas leaders in two places on the list?
[H]:2018-12-17 00:51:23: Rudolph(Jack): glitch?
[H]:2018-12-17 00:52:05: Ruriks(TWC): probably.
[W]:2018-12-17 00:55:42: Agamotto(Jack): why ask why? drink... oh wait. that beers was discontinued long ago
[W]:2018-12-17 00:59:11: Sassie(TWC): /me throws snowballs
[W]:2018-12-17 01:08:07: Rudolph(Jack): /me throws sassie :)
[W]:2018-12-17 01:10:11: Southamptonlife(TWC): and this is exactly why we're hunting reindeer XD
[W]:2018-12-17 01:20:47: Sassie(TWC): you will miss me when I start working again after the holidays are over rudolph :P
[W]:2018-12-17 01:21:25: Rudolph(Jack): you know i like to tease you :)
[W]:2018-12-17 01:24:46: Sassie(TWC): yep I know :hugs:
[W]:2018-12-17 05:39:56: Clydex: Anyone know any drops from evil elves or yeti yet?
[T]:2018-12-17 05:42:44: Clydex: Anyone have devorian club for sale or trade?
[W]:2018-12-17 06:48:54: TriDeathy: Clydex has been killed by a Evil Elf
[W]:2018-12-17 07:56:51: Clydex: Anyone interested in returning that? xD
[W]:2018-12-17 08:58:38: Lady Traveller(TWC): good morning all
[H]:2018-12-17 10:48:00: Amir(F&M): where is combat in christmas island?
[H]:2018-12-17 10:50:21: Surim(Oops): Hoodwink Grotto
[H]:2018-12-17 11:02:46: Amir(F&M): thank you
[W]:2018-12-17 12:51:42: Sassie(TWC): hey everyone
[W]:2018-12-17 14:30:02: Southamptonlife(TWC): Anyone figure out how to get off this island? XD
[W]:2018-12-17 14:31:47: Pandike(~AE~): go back to the portal, and click on it
[W]:2018-12-17 14:32:15: Southamptonlife(TWC): sweet :)
[S]:2018-12-17 14:32:33: Welcome: Mermaid Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2018-12-17 14:36:09: Forrestgrump(Beasts): Welcome aboard Mermaid
[W]:2018-12-17 14:38:25: Mermaid: Thank you :)
[W]:2018-12-17 16:24:42: Marley(F&M): good morning all
[W]:2018-12-17 16:46:03: Forrestgrump(Beasts): morning Marley
[W]:2018-12-17 16:46:25: Marley(F&M): hiya Grump :)
[W]:2018-12-17 16:50:40: Forrestgrump(Beasts): How are you?
[W]:2018-12-17 16:58:23: Marley(F&M): meh, hanging in there, anxious for this holiday crap to be over with