[W]:2019-01-22 05:17:35: Clydex(TWC): I wish there was a total level highscore
[H]:2019-01-22 05:18:44: Shalimar(Oops): there is, at very bottom
[H]:2019-01-22 05:25:47: Shalimar(Oops): wc
[W]:2019-01-22 05:26:04: Shalimar(Oops): there is, at the very bottom
[W]:2019-01-22 09:32:36: cpomm: just hit level 101 total level!!!!!
[W]:2019-01-22 09:39:58: HeavensAllow(Syn): Grtz mate! Go get them all :D
[T]:2019-01-22 15:41:02: Southamptonlife(TWC): Trading Amethysian Scythes, Mining Lamps, Magnifying Glasses or 300 Gold Chests for Amethysian Hammers, Earthen Hatchets, Golden Tools or Advanced Lockpicks
[T]:2019-01-22 15:41:56: Southamptonlife(TWC): Also have various Frozium Tools and 10 Frozium Swords for trade
[S]:2019-01-22 16:39:49: TriBotty: bosshogg has triggered a Woodcutting invasion at Bergerce
[S]:2019-01-22 17:53:25: Welcome: Zenoire Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[S]:2019-01-22 18:32:19: Welcome: freeze271 Has logged in for the first time, please read the getting started section of the manual and use help chat if you have any questions. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php
[W]:2019-01-22 18:46:36: Rudolph(Jack): welcome freeze 271 :)
[W]:2019-01-22 18:47:10: freeze271: Thank you! :)
[S]:2019-01-22 18:48:24: TriBotty: Marley has triggered a Farming invasion at Marvillia
[S]:2019-01-22 18:48:43: TriBotty: Marley has triggered a Farming invasion at Ikstrine
[W]:2019-01-22 19:31:43: cpomm: welcome!
[W]:2019-01-22 19:31:50: cpomm: time to get that exp grind on
[W]:2019-01-22 19:32:47: cpomm: today im gonna work on some level 0s lol
[W]:2019-01-22 19:38:26: Rudolph(Jack): yay grind those levels :)
[W]:2019-01-22 19:50:59: HeavensAllow(Syn): go for it mate! And welcome both of u!
[S]:2019-01-22 21:42:10: TriBotty: Sapphire has boosted the Farming invasion at Ikstrine
[S]:2019-01-22 21:49:48: SYSTEM: Evert has boosted Exp for 6 hours
[S]:2019-01-22 21:49:50: SYSTEM: Evert has boosted Drops for 6 hours
[S]:2019-01-22 21:49:51: SYSTEM: Evert has boosted Success for 6 hours
[S]:2019-01-22 21:49:52: SYSTEM: Evert has boosted Timers for 6 hours
[W]:2019-01-22 21:55:18: creature(TWC): woohoo thanks!!!
[W]:2019-01-22 21:55:33: creature(TWC): :dance2:
[W]:2019-01-22 21:56:02: Southamptonlife(TWC): Sweet, thanks purchaser!!
[W]:2019-01-22 21:56:12: Southamptonlife(TWC): XD
[W]:2019-01-22 21:56:14: Marley(F&M): ty ty ty Evert :)
[W]:2019-01-22 21:56:20: HeavensAllow(Syn): Hey evert :D does that mean i can ask u a few questions? :P
[H]:2019-01-22 21:56:52: Guide: Please direct all game related questions to Help Chat.
[W]:2019-01-22 21:57:43: Moderator: Please do not whisper the Admins. They may be coding and that will hold up progress.
[H]:2019-01-22 21:58:32: HeavensAllow(Syn): Any news on the xmas highscores and can u confirm me if lvl reduces 1 second on the timer each 2 lvls? Need to report on an issue depending on answer
[H]:2019-01-22 21:59:55: Marley(F&M): To the best of my knowledge there are no Christmas highscores lists. If there is an issue, please send in a very detailed ticket :)
[H]:2019-01-22 22:01:17: HeavensAllow(Syn): hence me asking for news. Last time i heard about it was when combat was being updated, where Evert mentioned "I forgot ill do it after combat update" or something similar
[W]:2019-01-22 22:09:31: Sapphire(~AE~): You may feel free to ask questons in help chat, we have Guides for a reason.
[H]:2019-01-22 22:09:31: Schubert(Jack): I just put 125 nails into my new house, twice. Why is it still saying I need 125 nails?
[H]:2019-01-22 22:10:00: Schubert(Jack): I had over 300 nails and now I only have 55
[H]:2019-01-22 22:10:22: Schubert(Jack): 225 nails lost
[H]:2019-01-22 22:10:29: Schubert(Jack): 250
[H]:2019-01-22 22:15:38: Marley(F&M): Schubert please send in a detailed ticket, stating the town your house is in and how big you're building. Be specific please.
[H]:2019-01-22 22:21:17: Schubert(Jack): ok
[H]:2019-01-22 22:27:56: Schubert(Jack): I sent one
[H]:2019-01-22 22:36:33: Schubert(Jack): I have an answer to my ticket and all it says is Admin has replied to your ticket - Where's the reply?
[H]:2019-01-22 22:37:01: Marley(F&M): Click on Tickets to review
[H]:2019-01-22 22:39:02: Schubert(Jack): It's not there
[H]:2019-01-22 22:39:28: Schubert(Jack): All I can find is the message I sent
[H]:2019-01-22 22:41:02: Rudolph(Jack): ok schubert, i'll check on it
[H]:2019-01-22 22:41:28: Schubert(Jack): ok, ty
[W]:2019-01-22 22:45:25: cpomm: today is the day i build my house i think
[W]:2019-01-22 22:45:33: cpomm: or maybe tomorowo we will see
[W]:2019-01-22 22:48:12: Rudolph(Jack): :)
[H]:2019-01-23 00:32:45: cpomm: can someone plz tell me how i can produce/ buy roof tiles
[H]:2019-01-23 00:33:29: Marley(F&M): roof tiles are crafted using clay
[H]:2019-01-23 00:33:49: Marley(F&M): https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php?id=crafting
[W]:2019-01-23 00:34:11: Marley(F&M): cpomm if you don't have the crafting lvl to make them, I will make them for you if you have the clay
[H]:2019-01-23 01:11:04: cpomm: he\y thanks so much!
[H]:2019-01-23 01:12:45: cpomm: another question. ive been play8ing a while and have plenty of resources but am down 1k cash from buying tools over time
[H]:2019-01-23 01:13:14: Rudolph(Jack): ok...and your question is?
[H]:2019-01-23 01:13:17: cpomm: what could i produce and sell to make a few k for more tools. i was thinking maybe i can smith tools and sell them for cash to npc
[H]:2019-01-23 01:14:05: Rudolph(Jack): that is an option...the npc shop is set to buy nearly all items in game, so selling excess to fund yourself could be a good idea
[H]:2019-01-23 01:14:27: cpomm: where is this npc exactly
[H]:2019-01-23 01:14:48: Rudolph(Jack): marvillla its marvillia market
[H]:2019-01-23 01:16:03: cpomm: thank you! sorry to bother so much. \lastly does the market give good or fair prices on items?? is that my best option.
[H]:2019-01-23 01:16:32: cpomm: and is there say a forum with a market i can post auctions or sales on large quantities of resources to other players.
[H]:2019-01-23 01:16:47: Rudolph(Jack): its not a bother....the market could be considered the 'low' price for an item, some players may pay better if they need what you have
[H]:2019-01-23 01:17:27: Rudolph(Jack): there is not currently an auction or bulk sales method yet....could be a suggestion for future development :)
[W]:2019-01-23 01:18:49: Rudolph(Jack): and theres the option of joining a guild, many guilds provide tools if you provide them with part of your work....just tossing that idea out there ;)
[H]:2019-01-23 01:20:14: cpomm: awesome thanks!
[W]:2019-01-23 01:36:36: Moderator: If you have any game suggestions please post on the game Forum for review and input
[W]:2019-01-23 02:10:49: Moderator: friendly reminder to all... check out the manual for loads of great info about the skill you are working on
[W]:2019-01-23 02:19:17: cpomm: thanks mod!
[T]:2019-01-23 02:43:56: cpomm: buying or trading for iron nails. i need about 100 nails please.
[W]:2019-01-23 02:44:59: creature(TWC): there check your inventory
[W]:2019-01-23 02:58:01: creature(TWC): well then
[W]:2019-01-23 02:58:31: Southamptonlife(TWC): :/
[W]:2019-01-23 02:58:57: Southamptonlife(TWC): -.-
[W]:2019-01-23 02:59:20: Rudolph(Jack): rough day south?
[W]:2019-01-23 03:00:30: Southamptonlife(TWC): lol, long day to say the least
[W]:2019-01-23 03:00:56: Southamptonlife(TWC): trying to stay awake thru the boosts XD
[W]:2019-01-23 03:01:10: Rudolph(Jack): ahh i see
[W]:2019-01-23 03:01:24: Southamptonlife(TWC): How goes it?
[W]:2019-01-23 03:01:39: creature(TWC): rudolph...you got me playing varamexia
[W]:2019-01-23 03:01:45: Rudolph(Jack): slow with minor annoyances
[W]:2019-01-23 03:01:52: creature(TWC): saw you mention it the other day
[W]:2019-01-23 03:01:52: Rudolph(Jack): did i?
[W]:2019-01-23 03:02:23: Rudolph(Jack): i play 7, vara is the most active chat
[W]:2019-01-23 03:02:23: Southamptonlife(TWC): haha, I made it to the website yesterday then got distracted
[W]:2019-01-23 03:03:09: Rudolph(Jack): was 8, but my cheap ass laptop kept crashing with 8 tabs open lol
[W]:2019-01-23 03:04:25: creature(TWC): got 7 too
[W]:2019-01-23 03:04:55: Rudolph(Jack): talibri, triborn, vara, movoda, drakor, dragonrip and mqo :)
[W]:2019-01-23 03:06:51: creature(TWC): got the first 3 and mqo, and pendoria avabur and gos
[W]:2019-01-23 03:07:09: creature(TWC): started dragonrip but got bored with it
[W]:2019-01-23 03:07:12: Rudolph(Jack): those 3 any good?
[W]:2019-01-23 03:07:33: Rudolph(Jack): dragonrip is....ok i guess, its very slow
[W]:2019-01-23 03:07:43: Rudolph(Jack): i was in camadia a bit, but it got slow too
[W]:2019-01-23 03:08:15: creature(TWC): same
[W]:2019-01-23 03:09:32: creature(TWC): those other 3 aint bad. lot quit pend but still going, the other 2 run long enough i only look at them a couple times a day
[W]:2019-01-23 03:10:35: Rudolph(Jack): thats what i like about talibri, set it going and check it every couple days lol
[W]:2019-01-23 03:13:45: cpomm: any\body out there with roof tiles and iron nails i can get from them
[W]:2019-01-23 03:13:51: cpomm: ill trade or whatever
[W]:2019-01-23 03:18:33: creature(TWC): i gave you nails when you first asked cpomm
[W]:2019-01-23 03:18:48: cpomm: oh you did!?
[W]:2019-01-23 03:19:06: cpomm: ooh i got them! thank you so much. how did you do that?
[W]:2019-01-23 03:19:23: cpomm: i didnt know you can send items like that. and do you have roof tiles?
[W]:2019-01-23 03:20:10: cpomm: i plan on being able to get them myself. becoming more self sufficient but if i could get a couple houses set up now that be preffered
[W]:2019-01-23 03:24:50: creature(TWC): night all, until tomorrow
[W]:2019-01-23 03:26:51: Rudolph(Jack): night
[W]:2019-01-23 03:29:36: cpomm: goognight friends!!!!
[W]:2019-01-23 03:29:48: cpomm: talk to yall tomorow
[W]:2019-01-23 03:32:11: Rudolph(Jack): night cpomm
[S]:2019-01-23 03:44:21: SYSTEM: Losain has boosted Exp for a further 2 hours
[W]:2019-01-23 04:43:29: cpomm: goodnight homie g
[W]:2019-01-23 04:44:09: cpomm: goodnight!
[W]:2019-01-23 04:44:24: cpomm: talk to yall tmrw
[W]:2019-01-23 04:57:16: Rudolph(Jack): night all, i'm out too
[W]:2019-01-23 05:30:40: Clydex(TWC): Any one know the most efficient place to sail for experience?
[H]:2019-01-23 05:41:35: Clydex(TWC): Is exp boost double exp?
[H]:2019-01-23 05:51:55: Broken Halo(~M M I~): it was but has now finished
[W]:2019-01-23 08:11:55: cpomm: hey clydex!
[W]:2019-01-23 14:42:15: Clydex(TWC): Hullo
[S]:2019-01-23 16:15:49: TriBotty: bosshogg has triggered a Woodcutting invasion at Nevacave
[S]:2019-01-23 16:16:11: TriBotty: bosshogg has boosted the Woodcutting invasion at Nevacave
[T]:2019-01-23 18:52:50: Southamptonlife(TWC): Trading my Amethysian Scythes, Mining Lamps, Magnifying Glasses or 300 Gold Chests for Amethysian Hammers, Earthen Hatchets, Golden Tools or Advanced Lockpicks
[H]:2019-01-23 19:39:22: bdwhite34(TWC): My timer keeps stopping after about 5-10 actions while doing the flax event at Marvillia. Is this a know issue?
[H]:2019-01-23 19:45:35: Rudolph(Jack): sometimes, try a ctrl f5 refresh and see if that clears the issue
[H]:2019-01-23 19:55:02: bdwhite34(TWC): Thanks Rudolph, just tried it, will let you know it that worked shortly.
[H]:2019-01-23 19:57:33: Rudolph(Jack): ok i've been told it sometimes works, so no promises
[S]:2019-01-23 23:47:35: SYSTEM: January Sale now on in Game store :dance: More Scrolls, Boosts and Points
[H]:2019-01-24 01:04:17: freeze271: Hi all, quick question - The manual guide says something about planting lettuce seeds in a player farm. Where is that exactly?
[H]:2019-01-24 01:06:33: Rudolph(Jack): you can build a personal house to store stuff, some of them can get personal farms so you can plant/harvest crops
[H]:2019-01-24 01:08:17: Rudolph(Jack): https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php?id=construction construction 10 allows you to build the first house with farm land
[H]:2019-01-24 01:10:17: freeze271: I see, so is there no other way to plant lettuce seeds?
[H]:2019-01-24 01:10:33: freeze271: I see lettuce is used as bait for hunting
[H]:2019-01-24 01:11:44: Rudolph(Jack): after you play 20 hours you can join a guild and they may help you build a farm, or you can try to buy one from another player
[H]:2019-01-24 01:12:04: freeze271: Alright, I'll start working towards construction 10 then
[H]:2019-01-24 01:12:09: Rudolph(Jack): or you can trade seeds for grown, some people do that :)
[H]:2019-01-24 01:12:23: freeze271: Any place you recommend start doing that on?
[H]:2019-01-24 01:13:07: Rudolph(Jack): you can chop wood in marvilla (woodcutting exp) then saw it into boards in boney (construction exp)
[H]:2019-01-24 01:14:14: freeze271: Thank you, will do!
[H]:2019-01-24 02:57:38: Schubert(Jack): What does the full Santa outfit do?
[H]:2019-01-24 02:59:37: Losain(Syn): nothing yet
[H]:2019-01-24 02:59:54: Schubert(Jack): ok. ty
[W]:2019-01-24 03:55:30: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 03:57:10: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 03:58:02: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 03:58:21: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 03:59:39: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 04:00:15: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 04:00:33: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 04:00:51: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 04:01:10: Rudolph(Jack): umm, you ok freeze?
[W]:2019-01-24 04:01:13: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 04:01:53: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 04:02:35: TriDeathy: freeze271 has been killed by a Bug
[W]:2019-01-24 04:03:51: Marley(F&M): maybe you should do something else? lol