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Skill Scrolls can now be used, however they have to be added manually by Evert. If you wish to use one of your scrolls send an in game message or email to

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Current Points
Current Skill Scrolls
Current Mob Scrolls
Points Item Option Points Item Option Points Item Option
100 1 Hour Exp Boost
100 1 Hour Drop Boost
100 1 Hour Success Boost
100 1 Hour Timer Boost
200 2 Hour Exp Boost
200 2 Hours Drop Boost
200 2 Hour Success Boost
200 2 Hour Timer Boost
350 4 Hour Exp Boost
350 4 Hours Drop Boost
350 4 Hour Success Boost
350 4 Hour Timer Boost
500 6 Hour Exp Boost
500 6 Hours Drop Boost
500 6 Hour Success Boost
500 6 Hour Timer Boost
1000 12 Hour Exp Boost
1000 12 Hours Drop Boost
1000 12 Hour Success Boost
1000 12 Hour Timer Boost

Custom Chat Color 50 Points!
Once you pick a color for 50 points the feature is unlocked and further changes are free.

Color: Hex Code:

Name changes cost 50 points each, names must not contain profanity, special characters or impersonate other players, Moderator or System chat.

All players can get a free name change twice per year by sending an in game message to Evert or via email to


Chat underline cost 25 Points. This will make your username appear underlined

Purchase Underline:

Bot Extend will cost 100 Points and will increase your botchecks from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Purchase Bot Extend:

Crowns can be purchased using points, below are the crowns currently available. Each costs 50 Points, you may have a custom crown for 100 Points

At the moment the adding of crowns is done by contacting Evert either in game or via, All custom crown request can be sent to Sapphire via

Burger Cannabis Cat Alien
Cat 2 Dog Doughnut Dog
Fish Heart Sun Owl
Pizza Poo Unicorn Pig Skull