Halloween Feedback

for feedback on existing features within the game.
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Halloween Feedback

Post by Evert » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:58 pm

So far I am really pleased with how our first official holiday celebration has gone. We have had some hiccups but for the most part its gone pretty smooth. That being said it will be a huge help if you could let me know your thoughts on the events. I don't want celebrations to become stagnant and run of the mill so I will try to make each holiday different in some way. That being said I would love to hear back from you...

What did you like, dislike?
What would you like to see changed, improved?
What type of events would you like to see in the future?
Any other comments, ideas or criticisms :)

Halloween Feedback



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Re: Halloween Feedback

Post by HeavensAllow » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:11 pm

Overall i believe that the Halloween event was quite well built! Severall cosmetics to gain and items that will have quite decent uses later on. I would have liked that the whole number of the events could have been released from the get go with a post explaining what the event consists, what drops you can get from participating on the Halloween event (non-specific to task just saying that You can get Mask, Medallion and such from participating on event) and a overall explanation to the event.

I'm not aware if the Halloween lvls have anything planned or anything similar, but it would be great if you could unluck more events or be rewarded from achieving higher Halloween lvls. This could be higher lvled events, different cosmetics or anything similar to that. Restricting a few cosmetics on high lvl activities might also give them good trade value and motivate people to achieve higher lvls and focus a bit more on the event.

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Re: Halloween Feedback

Post by Marley » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:19 pm

I like what events I've been here to see. I also like the fact the events are hunt and guess. PLEASE never post with the events exact details and drops, because I feel it takes away from the adventure of discovering things .. just a personal opinion.

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Re: Halloween Feedback

Post by koman » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:19 pm

Just wondering if it might be more useful to have a skill like "Holiday" vs event specific so if you miss out on one holiday event, you can still make it up with others.

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Re: Halloween Feedback

Post by Sapphire » Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:39 pm

Being completely honest, I don't think we will ever give out all details of Holiday events. Only really what you need to have equipped to take part. I think to name every item that will drop takes away the element of surprise and that is something that a lot of people enjoy (myself included). I also think that having to find something out for yourself sets us apart from other games.

Also remember that here on Triborn every Holiday will be different, so this Halloween will be different to next. We will not be having the same items each year. This year it is Dracula, Devil Dogs and Skelly Cats. Next year, who knows.
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