[W]:2018-07-19 21:44:03: Foozard(F&M): Someone died here, you found 5272 Iron Ore
[W]:2018-07-19 21:44:32: bdwhite34(TWC): Nice
[W]:2018-07-19 21:49:29: Losain(Syn): lol, just noticed the dd text changed
[W]:2018-07-19 21:54:15: Losain(Syn): Someone died here, you found 1 Iron Ore - couldve saved us some Foozard lol
[W]:2018-07-19 22:07:59: Moderator: Evert is sick so wont be online tonight. Any issues that can not be dealt with by Mods or Guides should be inboxed to him aand will be dealt with when he gets back online. Thank you for your understanding.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:26:44: fork(BAD): so when i someone dies... u get them slowly as loot?
[W]:2018-07-19 22:27:06: fork(BAD): i thought someone picks them up?
[W]:2018-07-19 22:27:34: Smeagol(TWC): rip...
[W]:2018-07-19 22:27:47: Losain(Syn): items come as random drops
[W]:2018-07-19 22:28:01: fork(BAD): i see
[W]:2018-07-19 22:28:15: Sapphire(~AE~): That is what happens on Syrnia, yes. But this is Triborn.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:28:21: fork(BAD): yeh 5k iron :p
[W]:2018-07-19 22:30:09: fork(BAD): would have stayed fighting them for my loot back had i realized hah
[W]:2018-07-19 22:30:38: fork(BAD): 2m worth of loot prob there
[W]:2018-07-19 22:31:36: Marley(F&M): Always store your inventory away safe, pay attention, don't AFK and DONT DIE ..
[W]:2018-07-19 22:31:52: Marley(F&M): if you see a build up of things, run to a storage / house and tuck them away safely
[W]:2018-07-19 22:32:17: Foozard(F&M): I just use Marley as storage
[W]:2018-07-19 22:32:21: fork(BAD): yeh i dont have yet :(
[W]:2018-07-19 22:32:28: Smeagol(TWC): is passing out while doing combat ok? :)
[W]:2018-07-19 22:32:41: Marley(F&M): Well then it's your choice to fight with the risk of losing all
[W]:2018-07-19 22:33:02: Marley(F&M): Might be a good idea to build a house so you can do combat, or find a trusted guild member to hold your belongings at least
[W]:2018-07-19 22:33:09: Smeagol(TWC): nah. i have a house
[W]:2018-07-19 22:33:20: Moderator: Please direct your game related questions to the help chat channel. Thanks.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:33:26: Smeagol(TWC): 25k slots havent used half.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:33:49: fork(BAD): i would have used them all
[W]:2018-07-19 22:33:55: fork(BAD): i had too much hah
[W]:2018-07-19 22:34:42: fork(BAD): least im 57 mining
[W]:2018-07-19 22:34:46: Smeagol(TWC): and i didnt ask a game related question? i was just being a smart ase xD
[W]:2018-07-19 22:34:52: Smeagol(TWC): whoops.. a**
[W]:2018-07-19 22:35:33: Marley(F&M): getting a complex Smeagol? lol I doubt that was directed at you personally :)
[W]:2018-07-19 22:35:44: Smeagol(TWC): lol
[W]:2018-07-19 22:35:52: Marley(F&M): It's just the Mod trying to get everyone used to asking in Help Chat, instead in main is all
[W]:2018-07-19 22:36:34: Moderator: If you look at cat history you will see several people asked game related questions in world chat. Not only you Smeagol.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:36:48: Smeagol(TWC): yup :)
[W]:2018-07-19 22:37:03: Smeagol(TWC): oh ok lol sorry Mod
[W]:2018-07-19 22:37:15: Moderator: chat history not cat.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:37:35: Smeagol(TWC): ooo cats :D
[W]:2018-07-19 22:37:38: Marley(F&M): aww but I love cat history
[W]:2018-07-19 22:38:11: Sassie(Oops): lol
[W]:2018-07-19 22:38:59: fork(BAD): anyway, 2m worth of loot to claim is my treat to u all. your welcome
[W]:2018-07-19 22:40:06: bdwhite34(TWC): My offer still stands to return some of your loot if you want it fork.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:40:16: Marley(F&M): sounds like you need a house fork ... or your guild needs storage
[W]:2018-07-19 22:47:38: Lorinthar(Oops): Recent (ish) findings show that cats may have been domesticated as early as 7500 BC, much earlier than the previously thought 1600 BC.
[W]:2018-07-19 22:52:59: eqshamu(Oops): gratz
[T]:2018-07-19 23:38:16: Solunar(~AE~): Buying feathers :)
[W]:2018-07-19 23:40:42: Solunar(~AE~): It's amazing that a 5k slot house requires 1750 pieces of lumber, but only 75 nails
[W]:2018-07-19 23:56:55: eqshamu(Oops): its all about engineering and good placement ?
[W]:2018-07-19 23:57:42: Losain(Syn): and really small pieces of lumber
[W]:2018-07-19 23:57:54: Lorinthar(Oops): And then you have to leave some room for the "Oops" factor at the end.
[W]:2018-07-19 23:58:21: Foozard(F&M): Someone died here, you found 1492 Wood
[W]:2018-07-19 23:59:49: breeze: damn it i need that find
[W]:2018-07-20 00:19:34: TriDeathy: Willie has been killed by a Molerat
[W]:2018-07-20 00:20:23: Smeagol(TWC): RIp
[W]:2018-07-20 00:42:34: Losain(Syn): hehe, my 3yo sawa fertilizer bag in my inv and said look its poopie. ah, kids
[W]:2018-07-20 01:19:24: Cracker0509(~AE~): you found 1 Prized Unicorn.. are those new?
[W]:2018-07-20 01:21:43: Losain(Syn): whered you find it?
[W]:2018-07-20 01:32:36: Sherlockiama(Oops): Hi all
[W]:2018-07-20 01:33:22: Losain(Syn): hiya
[W]:2018-07-20 01:35:29: Sassie(Oops): hello everyone anymore dying :P
[W]:2018-07-20 01:39:41: Losain(Syn): thats not nice :D
[W]:2018-07-20 01:40:32: Sassie(Oops): even though I'm not combatting right now :P
[W]:2018-07-20 01:47:17: Losain(Syn): everyone seems to be getting these great drops. me..Someone died here, you found 0 Tomato
[W]:2018-07-20 01:48:47: Cracker0509(~AE~): Some died here, you found 9402 Coal. thats the best ive gotten
[W]:2018-07-20 01:49:08: Sassie(Oops): it won't do me any good to combat to much in my inventory so I probably won't get to much
[W]:2018-07-20 01:49:15: PotatoChips(TWC): I believe that is from fork :(
[W]:2018-07-20 01:49:32: Losain(Syn): think i got like 200 stone blocks a couple hours ago... sigh
[W]:2018-07-20 01:51:43: Losain(Syn): my fight food looks great. -3 cooked sardines and 0 tomatoes
[W]:2018-07-20 02:39:29: Forseti(Oops): Sure
[W]:2018-07-20 02:46:50: Lorinthar(Oops): Thanks and congrats!
[H]:2018-07-20 02:51:12: Truant: do you need to be fighting to get dds?
[H]:2018-07-20 02:51:29: Profion(Oops): yes truant
[H]:2018-07-20 02:52:01: Cracker0509(~AE~): yes, no vultures in this game
[H]:2018-07-20 02:52:01: Cracker0509(~AE~): yes, no vultures in this game
[H]:2018-07-20 02:52:47: Truant: anywhere to buy smithed gear?
[H]:2018-07-20 02:54:06: Marley(F&M): You can trade with players, I'm unsure if items are sold in Marvillia or not ... I haven't combatted yet sorry
[W]:2018-07-20 03:03:56: Smeagol(TWC): not rn.. plahying zombies on bo3
[W]:2018-07-20 03:03:58: Smeagol(TWC): wc
[W]:2018-07-20 03:17:48: Foozard(F&M): if it says 'Some died' then you don't get the drop, if it says 'Someone died' then you will get the drop
[W]:2018-07-20 03:19:27: Cracker0509(~AE~): yeah, i have written that down. if you want, keep track of the some drops and im sure mark will replace them
[T]:2018-07-20 03:25:09: Truant: anyone trading wood, lumber, nails?
[S]:2018-07-20 03:29:27: TriBotty: Marley has triggered a Crafting invasion at Nevacave
[S]:2018-07-20 03:34:56: TriBotty: bosshogg has boosted the Hunting invasion at Nevacave
[W]:2018-07-20 03:46:22: Marley(F&M): lemme find out
[W]:2018-07-20 03:46:38: Foozard(F&M): thankth
[W]:2018-07-20 03:47:12: Heskel(TWC): truant tried to pickpocket me earlier :(
[W]:2018-07-20 03:50:04: Foozard(F&M): level up!
[W]:2018-07-20 03:50:09: Marley(F&M): wc sorry
[W]:2018-07-20 03:52:30: TriDeathy: Smeagol has been killed by a Molerat
[W]:2018-07-20 03:52:56: Foozard(F&M): Boi
[W]:2018-07-20 03:53:10: Foozard(F&M): Marvillia
[H]:2018-07-20 04:02:40: Truant: unable to equip bronze hatcthe due to level?
[W]:2018-07-20 04:05:54: Foozard(F&M): has anyone made any bronze battleaxes yet?
[W]:2018-07-20 04:06:25: Losain(Syn): cant yet. evert needs to fix link
[W]:2018-07-20 04:06:46: Broken Halo(~M M I~): link wouldnt work for me last i tried, sent message to evert letting him know, havent tried it sincw
[W]:2018-07-20 04:07:04: Broken Halo(~M M I~): since*
[H]:2018-07-20 04:07:43: Truant: ×You do not have the required level to equip this!
[H]:2018-07-20 04:14:33: Groot: how long does it take to build a house if you have mats?
[W]:2018-07-20 04:15:31: Foozard(F&M): think it was instant Groot
[H]:2018-07-20 04:16:32: Groot: strange it keeps telling me its being built but mats still in my inventory
[H]:2018-07-20 04:17:26: Marley(F&M): Truant .. refresh then try again. Sometimes it glitches
[H]:2018-07-20 04:17:48: Marley(F&M): Groot .. refresh and see if it helps
[H]:2018-07-20 04:17:58: Marley(F&M): Often if you are unable to do something, then refresh, it helps
[H]:2018-07-20 04:17:59: Groot: and i don't see bronze battle axes listed at Krysvol
[H]:2018-07-20 04:18:29: Marley(F&M): I think there is an issue with the battle axes right now
[H]:2018-07-20 04:19:11: Marley(F&M): Groot .. I've been told to try and enter the house and it should list the mats needed to add
[H]:2018-07-20 04:19:33: Groot: there are no battle axes to be made yet by wiki
[H]:2018-07-20 04:21:09: Groot: is a special tool needed to build house/
[H]:2018-07-20 04:22:41: Marley(F&M): nope
[H]:2018-07-20 04:23:03: Marley(F&M): Also, try closing the window that came up for the house, then try and open it again in the town menu
[H]:2018-07-20 04:24:16: Groot: You house has been started!
[H]:2018-07-20 04:24:51: Marley(F&M): congrats :)
[W]:2018-07-20 04:25:47: Groot: You do not have any houses here yet! lol maybe not
[W]:2018-07-20 04:29:06: Groot: mats still in inventory still no house logged out ctr/f5 makes no diff
[W]:2018-07-20 04:30:09: Marley(F&M): Groot .. I'm sorry I can't help :( Maybe send a very detailed msg to Evert about the problem. He's been sick the past 2 days, but hopefully he will be back on soon.
[W]:2018-07-20 04:30:13: Foozard(F&M): where do you want the house I can make it for you and transfer
[W]:2018-07-20 04:31:19: Foozard(F&M): can't do a level 30 house though*
[H]:2018-07-20 04:32:10: PotatoChips(TWC): erm once you click build a house, close it and click player house again, click on the green tab
[H]:2018-07-20 04:32:29: PotatoChips(TWC): like a green icon, then put in your material..
[W]:2018-07-20 04:40:22: Groot: i don't see any green icon but do have nice list of houses to build up to 4 now sweet :)
[W]:2018-07-20 04:40:44: Foozard(F&M): click on one of them
[W]:2018-07-20 04:41:06: Groot: you star by clicking players house right
[W]:2018-07-20 04:41:23: Foozard(F&M): yup
[W]:2018-07-20 04:41:46: Groot: yep takes me to a tab showing whats needed
[W]:2018-07-20 04:42:26: Groot: has list of what is needed and under that build right?
[W]:2018-07-20 04:42:31: Foozard(F&M): does it have some boxes to type in?
[W]:2018-07-20 04:44:13: Groot: ahh thought amounts were already in there but now see its just max amount needed to enter amounts my self
[W]:2018-07-20 04:44:49: Foozard(F&M): yeah have to type what you want to put in
[W]:2018-07-20 04:45:37: Groot: ok all good now thanks :)
[W]:2018-07-20 04:52:38: Groot: do you need to fertilize crops?
[W]:2018-07-20 04:53:00: Foozard(F&M): no but it helps
[H]:2018-07-20 04:53:25: Marley(F&M): Groot .. you don't need fertilizer to grow crops. If you add fertilizer it could help provide extra crops when you harvest them.
[H]:2018-07-20 04:53:36: Groot: and fertilizer is found where?
[H]:2018-07-20 04:53:50: Groot: ok thanks
[H]:2018-07-20 04:54:18: Marley(F&M): Fertilizer is made with the cooking skill
[H]:2018-07-20 04:54:32: Marley(F&M): https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php?id=cooking
[H]:2018-07-20 04:58:10: Groot: thanks again :)
[H]:2018-07-20 04:59:17: Groot: and empty sacks ?
[H]:2018-07-20 05:00:07: Marley(F&M): those are made in the tailoring skill .. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php?id=tailoring
[H]:2018-07-20 05:01:10: Groot: omg
[W]:2018-07-20 05:03:07: Groot: chickens would have done the job for fertilizer but we have no chickens lol
[H]:2018-07-20 05:04:32: Losain(Syn): if your crops rot you can collect fertilizer as well
[H]:2018-07-20 05:06:37: Groot: how long after crop is ready before they rot?
[H]:2018-07-20 05:08:33: Marley(F&M): Growing estimated time is in the manual. The rot formula is 6 hours + (farming level - level required)
[H]:2018-07-20 05:08:59: Groot: ok thanks
[H]:2018-07-20 05:09:05: Losain(Syn): thx marley. forgot the updated formula
[W]:2018-07-20 05:09:46: Hatejacket(SU): Someone died here, you found 385 Gold Chest
[W]:2018-07-20 05:10:01: Foozard(F&M): kek
[W]:2018-07-20 05:10:01: Foozard(F&M): kek
[W]:2018-07-20 05:10:28: Marley(F&M): goodness people
[W]:2018-07-20 05:10:30: Foozard(F&M): System: Foozard died of boredom.
[W]:2018-07-20 05:11:12: Marley(F&M): Put your items in a house or guild storage before you combat .... lots of costly mistakes being made, and if you store in a house you'll be better off :)
[H]:2018-07-20 05:11:18: Losain(Syn): /me game still hates me
[W]:2018-07-20 05:11:55: Losain(Syn): heh, i finally wc-ed
[W]:2018-07-20 05:12:22: Foozard(F&M): I w/c all the time
[W]:2018-07-20 05:13:09: Losain(Syn): most with more than 1 in their guild do lol
[W]:2018-07-20 05:14:02: Foozard(F&M): there're 5 here but it's just Marley and me that w/c all the time
[W]:2018-07-20 05:15:59: Losain(Syn): hehe
[W]:2018-07-20 05:16:37: Foozard(F&M): whenever I see your name I say it as Lotion in my head
[W]:2018-07-20 05:17:28: Losain(Syn): wierd
[W]:2018-07-20 05:17:45: Losain(Syn): /me It puts the lotion in the basked or else it gets the hose again
[W]:2018-07-20 05:21:32: Losain(Syn): i cant type today. typos galor
[W]:2018-07-20 05:32:37: Foozard(F&M): Someone died here, you found 404 Gold Chest
[W]:2018-07-20 05:33:31: Enki(>JT<): ouch, that's a lot of Gold chests to have lost :(
[W]:2018-07-20 05:33:51: Losain(Syn): Someone died here, you found 1 Cooked Mackerel
[W]:2018-07-20 05:34:03: Losain(Syn): thats where im at
[W]:2018-07-20 05:34:52: Foozard(F&M): I'm just doing cleanup really
[W]:2018-07-20 05:35:18: Foozard(F&M): I wanna use an iron dagger though :(
[W]:2018-07-20 05:35:21: Losain(Syn): for all of us lol
[W]:2018-07-20 05:36:06: Losain(Syn): at the rate we are pacing foozard, we might skip axe
[W]:2018-07-20 05:37:27: Foozard(F&M): I probably wouldn't mind skipping it
[W]:2018-07-20 05:38:09: Losain(Syn): dont think it really makes a dif. if moving to a new mob maybe but rat still gives better xp
[W]:2018-07-20 05:40:07: Losain(Syn): timewise...
[W]:2018-07-20 05:46:34: Marley(F&M): Season 2, Episode 2 now
[W]:2018-07-20 05:46:41: Marley(F&M): dangit ... wc
[W]:2018-07-20 05:47:03: Losain(Syn): hehe. of?
[W]:2018-07-20 05:48:32: Marley(F&M): i'm binge watching the True Blood series :)
[W]:2018-07-20 05:48:53: Losain(Syn): ah
[W]:2018-07-20 05:49:11: Aversin: Im bunge watching my own reflection in the mirror
[W]:2018-07-20 05:49:33: Aversin: binge*
[W]:2018-07-20 05:49:58: Aversin: Stuoid ipad doesn't know how to spell properly
[W]:2018-07-20 05:50:22: Losain(Syn): lol
[W]:2018-07-20 06:30:06: Losain(Syn): just realized double ends in about 8 hrs
[W]:2018-07-20 06:34:41: Foozard(F&M): I should be asleep before then
[W]:2018-07-20 06:36:37: Losain(Syn): heh sleep
[W]:2018-07-20 06:38:43: Losain(Syn): but yeah i will as well
[W]:2018-07-20 06:43:00: Foozard(F&M): Someone died here, you found 479 Gold Chest
[W]:2018-07-20 06:43:31: fork(BAD): yup that was mine foozard :p
[W]:2018-07-20 06:44:02: fork(BAD): theres 300 left
[W]:2018-07-20 06:44:43: fork(BAD): someone not got the 97 quarts yet?
[W]:2018-07-20 06:44:52: Losain(Syn): that makes about 1400 found
[W]:2018-07-20 06:45:21: Losain(Syn): none by me of course lol
[W]:2018-07-20 06:45:38: Foozard(F&M): gotten about 100 quartz today
[W]:2018-07-20 06:46:08: fork(BAD): ahh nice
[W]:2018-07-20 06:46:19: fork(BAD): but they are useless atm
[W]:2018-07-20 06:47:38: Losain(Syn): how many gold chests did you have fork?
[T]:2018-07-20 07:54:35: Solunar(~AE~): Anyone have any planks for sale? :)
[T]:2018-07-20 07:56:04: Solunar(~AE~): Lumber*
[H]:2018-07-20 08:51:07: Broken Halo(~M M I~): does use the sawmill cut lumber and kindling? or is use bandsaw for something else?
[H]:2018-07-20 08:52:00: bakertommy(Beasts): lumber and kindling Halo
[H]:2018-07-20 08:52:17: Losain(Syn): you get kindling when you fail
[H]:2018-07-20 08:52:34: Broken Halo(~M M I~): ahh, ok. thank you very much
[W]:2018-07-20 09:20:27: Losain(Syn): i was born in italy, so i might be judgemental, but would try it anyway if ever in the area :D
[W]:2018-07-20 09:21:38: Losain(Syn): and....... wc
[W]:2018-07-20 12:44:37: Solunar(~AE~): What level is required to use an Iron Hatchet?
[H]:2018-07-20 12:46:57: Lodes(TWC): I have an empty farm of 400 slots, but when i try to sow, it tells me i must a number below 0?
[W]:2018-07-20 12:52:18: Swoox(TWC): lvl 10 I believe maybe 11
[W]:2018-07-20 13:07:36: Solunar(~AE~): I think Lodes is right with 20, I'm currently level 15 and can't use it
[W]:2018-07-20 16:41:23: fork(BAD): had 880ish
[W]:2018-07-20 16:41:39: fork(BAD): ive already mined 92 back
[W]:2018-07-20 16:49:54: Losain(Syn): thx
[W]:2018-07-20 16:55:13: Nero(TWC): 126 actions until the next level.
[W]:2018-07-20 16:57:21: Nero(TWC): *Looks at top 3 spots* Hold my beer ;)
[W]:2018-07-20 16:57:47: Losain(Syn): mmmmm beer
[W]:2018-07-20 16:58:10: Nero(TWC): I mean you can have a sip but careful it is Polish xD
[W]:2018-07-20 16:58:51: Losain(Syn): lol. i drank more than enough last night, thx :D
[W]:2018-07-20 16:58:53: Nero(TWC): ?ywiec :p 10/10
[W]:2018-07-20 16:59:31: Nero(TWC): Zywiec*
[W]:2018-07-20 18:27:06: bdwhite34(TWC): Gave you everything but the coal. That was Smeagol drop pick up.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:31:42: Swoox(TWC): Some1 know what happened with Evert?
[W]:2018-07-20 18:32:37: Nero(TWC): he quit like M2H
[W]:2018-07-20 18:32:55: Nero(TWC): dont worry in 8 years Borneo will buy it xD
[W]:2018-07-20 18:33:12: Swoox(TWC): lol
[W]:2018-07-20 18:33:22: Swoox(TWC): He cash in and leaves :P
[W]:2018-07-20 18:33:57: Nero(TWC): he saw the large £10 donation I sent him and he went swooning off to Miami I bet >:(
[W]:2018-07-20 18:34:28: Swoox(TWC): lol
[W]:2018-07-20 18:34:50: Lorinthar(Oops): Why Miami? We've got a perfectly good beach in Blackpool!
[W]:2018-07-20 18:35:16: Swoox(TWC): Not every1 knows that :P
[W]:2018-07-20 18:35:56: Nero(TWC): well Mark is an Evertonian... he clearly does not have good taste xD
[W]:2018-07-20 18:51:32: Marley(F&M): Evert has been ill the past couple of days.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:51:51: Marley(F&M): It has been announced by the Mod that he has not been able to be on.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:52:04: Swoox(TWC): Ahh ok sad to here
[W]:2018-07-20 18:52:25: Nero(TWC): ohh, so he is swooning in barbados then
[W]:2018-07-20 18:52:26: Marley(F&M): Have some compassion... let the man get better. He has not abandoned the game, so don't stary spreading nasty untrue rumors about the guy who has done so much that he got himself sick.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:53:51: Nero(TWC): oh yeah I forgot you are the one from Syrnia that does not grasp the concept of a joke or what humour is.... and feels the need to subject herself into everything xD
[W]:2018-07-20 18:53:57: Nero(TWC): have a good day I cba with thatb shit here either
[W]:2018-07-20 18:54:30: Marley(F&M): Nero ... I've told you before ... find another target, because I DO fight back. I am inserting myself to stop a stupid rumor mill
[W]:2018-07-20 18:54:46: Marley(F&M): You don't like it? Send in a complaint about me. Other than that ... back off.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:55:04: Swoox(TWC): It's no rumor just a joke lol
[W]:2018-07-20 18:55:35: Swoox(TWC): Or sarcasm whoever you see it
[W]:2018-07-20 18:56:03: Marley(F&M): Firt thing I saw when I logged on ... I'm ill as well .. didn't strike me as funny.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:57:01: Marley(F&M): but hey ... if you;re all pissy with me because I ask for compassion for the Admin .. so be it. Enjoy yourselves.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:57:01: Marley(F&M): but hey ... if you;re all pissy with me because I ask for compassion for the Admin .. so be it. Enjoy yourselves.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:57:26: Swoox(TWC): Calm down mate
[W]:2018-07-20 18:58:00: Swoox(TWC): I'm sorry if it offended you or something
[W]:2018-07-20 18:58:10: Lorinthar(Oops): Jokes are one of those cultural things that can be difficult to understand if you're not familiar with the culture.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:59:06: Lorinthar(Oops): I thought it was amusing too, but I can certainly imagine a culture where it wouldn't be.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:59:16: Lorinthar(Oops): So let's not be hard on Marley.
[W]:2018-07-20 18:59:18: Swoox(TWC): Well you can see if it's serious can then people would discuss about it..
[W]:2018-07-20 19:00:27: Swoox(TWC): cause then*
[S]:2018-07-20 19:07:24: TriBotty: Enki has triggered a Crafting invasion at Icoth_Ignis
[H]:2018-07-20 19:10:22: Nero(TWC): how do we use scrolls these days? is it still a message to Mark?
[H]:2018-07-20 19:13:19: Enki(>JT<): Game store click points, scroll down and you can set invasion
[H]:2018-07-20 19:13:39: Marley(F&M): Go to Game Store .. click on Exchange Points .. scroll to the bottom just above the emojis .. select what skill and event
[H]:2018-07-20 19:13:40: Nero(TWC): woo ty my friend, so helpful and kind
[H]:2018-07-20 19:14:04: Nero(TWC): and to you as well :D tyvm lovely
[H]:2018-07-20 19:15:03: Nero(TWC): last one sorry, if I activate an event on top of another will it just stack? say I wanted more foxes?
[H]:2018-07-20 19:18:03: Marley(F&M): I believe it "enhances" the event, which I'm assuming will add more actions to it
[H]:2018-07-20 19:18:36: Nero(TWC): thank you again.
[S]:2018-07-20 19:26:09: Welcome: manicMcManicFace Has logged in for the first time
[W]:2018-07-20 19:28:13: Marley(F&M): Welcome manicMcManicFace ... wow what a name! Come on in, make yourself comfy, and enjoy :)
[W]:2018-07-20 19:28:31: Marley(F&M): Friendly community here, so if you have any questions feel free to ask in Help Chat.
[W]:2018-07-20 19:28:38: Nero(TWC): aslong as we shorten the name to Manic or something xD
[W]:2018-07-20 19:28:44: Nero(TWC): typing that would be a pain everytime
[H]:2018-07-20 19:29:50: Lorinthar(Oops): How do I cast a spell?
[H]:2018-07-20 19:30:30: Marley(F&M): upper right corner click on your MP and a window will pop open .. you can select which skill there
[H]:2018-07-20 19:30:50: Nero(TWC): if you click MP on the top right under your hp you can then see another menu that gives you the option to cast a spell
[H]:2018-07-20 19:31:11: Lorinthar(Oops): Hmm... That's what I thought, but I don't see my spells there.
[T]:2018-07-20 19:31:22: Truant: Trading for wood, lumber, smithed combat gear
[H]:2018-07-20 19:31:44: Lorinthar(Oops): This is what I see after learning the mining spell: https://i.imgur.com/bd3lTgM.png
[H]:2018-07-20 19:31:53: Nero(TWC): Light Foot : Level 4, 301 Exp, (55) Exp Left - Cost: 10MP
[H]:2018-07-20 19:32:19: Nero(TWC): hmm that is odd, either Ctrl F4 to clear or log out and back in.
[H]:2018-07-20 19:32:26: Nero(TWC): it might be a visual bug that just needs refreshing
[H]:2018-07-20 19:32:29: Marley(F&M): Try to refresh .. that happens sometimes. If you still can't, then send a msg to Evert about it
[H]:2018-07-20 19:33:32: Lorinthar(Oops): Okay, I'll message Evert. It's been empty ever since I joined, some days ago, so I'll have logged in and out and refreshed enough times in that time that I should at least see Light Foot.
[W]:2018-07-20 19:42:31: Marley(F&M): Is anyone else having issues with their farm? I know I saw someone yesterday comment on it, anyone else?
[W]:2018-07-20 19:48:56: Foozard(F&M): sounds good :)
[W]:2018-07-20 19:58:40: Nero(TWC): I dont own one to have any issues with it. sorry Marley
[H]:2018-07-20 20:03:16: Lorinthar(Oops): How do I get a farm?
[H]:2018-07-20 20:03:58: Marley(F&M): You have to have a house with a farm built .. https://wiki.triborn.net/doku.php?id=construction
[H]:2018-07-20 20:04:17: Lorinthar(Oops): Thanks.
[H]:2018-07-20 20:05:45: Lorinthar(Oops): So I need to build a level 10+ house first? Is that just the required construction level, or do I build a level 1 house and upgrade it 9 times?
[H]:2018-07-20 20:05:58: Lorinthar(Oops): And once it's level 10, does the farm just happen or does it need to be built separately?
[H]:2018-07-20 20:07:15: Marley(F&M): you have to build the house ,, I'm told the farm requires solars. You cannot upgrade a farm tho. You need to build a bigger house for a bigger farm.
[H]:2018-07-20 20:07:42: Marley(F&M): And not sure about others ... but my farm is broke and I can't plant. Must be poor soil.
[H]:2018-07-20 20:08:07: Lorinthar(Oops): Okay, thanks.
[W]:2018-07-20 20:09:03: Marley(F&M): both lungs this time .. totally sucks :/
[W]:2018-07-20 20:09:13: Marley(F&M): .. shit... wc sorry all
[W]:2018-07-20 20:09:43: Losain(Syn): that doesnt sound good marley :(
[W]:2018-07-20 20:10:43: Marley(F&M): pneumonia is a bitch .... and so am I when not feeling well .. so have patience with me pls everyone *hugs*
[H]:2018-07-20 20:11:28: Lorinthar(Oops): Get well soon!
[W]:2018-07-20 20:11:34: Losain(Syn): that it is. hope you feel better soon
[H]:2018-07-20 20:12:46: Losain(Syn): the levels shown are construction levels for building the house. you cannot upgrade a house, so need at least lvl10 construction for a farm
[W]:2018-07-20 20:13:25: Marley(F&M): If you have the mats, I bet foozard would build it for you, or someone else with the lvl also
[H]:2018-07-20 20:13:44: Lorinthar(Oops): Thanks.
[W]:2018-07-20 20:13:45: Marley(F&M): and ty Losain
[W]:2018-07-20 20:14:23: Nero(TWC): get well soon.
[W]:2018-07-20 20:15:48: Marley(F&M): ty
[W]:2018-07-20 20:24:30: Moderator: Evert is still sick, so he will not be online tonight again. Any problems, please use the bug report system and they will be looked at when he is back online. Thanks for your understanding.
[W]:2018-07-20 20:28:03: Nero(TWC): :(
[W]:2018-07-20 20:28:36: Foozard(F&M): got it :)
[W]:2018-07-20 20:28:45: Foozard(F&M): w/c
[W]:2018-07-20 20:29:00: Swoox(TWC): Do I need to register for bug fixes?
[W]:2018-07-20 20:29:37: Sapphire(~AE~): Swoox Yes you do.
[W]:2018-07-20 20:30:43: Losain(Syn): send him our get wells sapphire :)
[W]:2018-07-20 20:31:50: Sapphire(~AE~): I will, he's really not well at all. I haven't ever seen him like this in our 5 years together :(
[W]:2018-07-20 20:33:32: Marley(F&M): he should get to a doctor or emergency room in my opinion
[W]:2018-07-20 20:33:39: Swoox(TWC): Made a bug report
[W]:2018-07-20 20:34:05: Hatejacket(SU): Hey all
[W]:2018-07-20 20:34:30: Swoox(TWC): I normally message Evert and it get fixed :P
[W]:2018-07-20 20:34:31: Losain(Syn): hiya hatejacket
[W]:2018-07-20 20:34:46: Swoox(TWC): Doubt bug report will go that quick :P
[W]:2018-07-20 20:38:56: Losain(Syn): it will all get checked. im sure everts inbox is a scary sight right now. bug report is a better way to see and prioritize issues
[W]:2018-07-20 20:40:11: Swoox(TWC): Well I kinda want to put high priority on it. But yeah.. Just weapons not showing in guild storage and some items removal not being added to the inventory.
[W]:2018-07-20 20:40:46: Losain(Syn): yeah, heard others with similar issues
[W]:2018-07-20 20:40:48: Swoox(TWC): This is why I mail straight away cause then I have date/timestamp
[W]:2018-07-20 20:42:18: Swoox(TWC): UI just stop adding weapons to the storage and keep them on me.
[W]:2018-07-20 20:43:14: Marley(F&M): If we all just keep trying to refresh, and realize some actions can't happen for now, it will all get ironed out when Evert is better :) *sends healing thoughts*
[W]:2018-07-20 20:43:27: Losain(Syn): think i need to build another storage. 1st almost full lol
[W]:2018-07-20 20:44:01: Foozard(F&M): same lol
[W]:2018-07-20 20:44:01: Foozard(F&M): same lol
[W]:2018-07-20 20:57:57: Sapphire(~AE~): Swoox There is a bug with combat items, which would prevent the picture from showing up. However they should be showing in the drop down menu where you would remove them.
[W]:2018-07-20 21:05:33: Swoox(TWC): I will check but I'm not blind do I need to take a screenshot?
[W]:2018-07-20 21:06:04: Swoox(TWC): Cause added lots but they just not showing
[W]:2018-07-20 21:06:35: Swoox(TWC): I will whisper it
[W]:2018-07-20 21:06:49: Marley(F&M): Swoox ... are you closing the storage, refreshing, then opening again?
[W]:2018-07-20 21:07:14: Marley(F&M): that may help ... I've discovered Refresh is a huge part of the game, and it often clears whatever issue there is
[W]:2018-07-20 21:07:15: Swoox(TWC): Lol these items should be in for days...
[W]:2018-07-20 21:08:03: Swoox(TWC): They are under category weapons?
[W]:2018-07-20 21:10:35: Sapphire(~AE~): Swoox - Forget about the picture in your store house and just look in the drop down box. The one at the bottom, where you remove things. Look there.
[W]:2018-07-20 21:14:54: Swoox(TWC): Sorry I just misudnerstood got it now pictures not showing but you can request/remove
[W]:2018-07-20 21:15:23: Aversin: Yay
[H]:2018-07-20 22:27:59: Pandike(~AE~): how much stone would it take to craft 1500 stone blocks ?
[H]:2018-07-20 22:30:33: Losain(Syn): i believe it is 1:1
[H]:2018-07-20 22:31:28: Pandike(~AE~): that is true Losain, but was more interested in the failure rate
[H]:2018-07-20 22:32:23: Marley(F&M): I think that may depend on your crafting lvl
[H]:2018-07-20 22:34:13: Losain(Syn): yep. dont know if ppl have been keeping track of fail rates
[H]:2018-07-20 22:34:15: Pandike(~AE~): also true, just started the mining part, and like to kinda figure out how many I would need. and most likely I'll look for someone to craft them for me ;-)
[H]:2018-07-20 22:58:00: creature(TWC): are snares a one use item or are them more like a tool?
[H]:2018-07-20 23:04:43: Sapphire(~AE~): creature - they are more like a tool. But they are not indistructable and can break.
[H]:2018-07-20 23:05:53: fork(BAD): using better mining axes increase speed?
[W]:2018-07-20 23:06:49: creature(TWC): ty Sapphire!
[H]:2018-07-20 23:07:34: Sapphire(~AE~): fork - there are no axes for mining. But a better pickaxe will increase your speed yes.
[H]:2018-07-20 23:16:16: fork(BAD): thats what i meant haha
[H]:2018-07-20 23:18:58: Sapphire(~AE~): fork - thought that was most likely the case,
[H]:2018-07-20 23:19:28: Sapphire(~AE~): But I'd correct it, just in case
[H]:2018-07-20 23:20:27: fork(BAD): anyone trade gold chests for iron bars?
[T]:2018-07-20 23:20:33: fork(BAD): w/c
[T]:2018-07-20 23:32:26: fork(BAD): trading gold chests for iron picks
[W]:2018-07-20 23:46:18: creature(TWC): no problem. passed you a lot of stones, i'll send you more later too. when you can trade let me know and i got chests for you
[W]:2018-07-20 23:46:30: creature(TWC): wc
[W]:2018-07-21 00:24:09: Marley(F&M): yippee!
[W]:2018-07-21 00:24:14: Marley(F&M): ... wc! lol sorry
[W]:2018-07-21 00:24:30: morridin: ki yay?
[W]:2018-07-21 01:04:07: jaydia(Oops): why are the dam green feet back???
[H]:2018-07-21 01:04:52: Marley(F&M): They have never been gone to my knowledge
[H]:2018-07-21 01:05:18: jaydia(Oops): he said he fixed it, now its on high res and can hardly move
[H]:2018-07-21 01:05:25: Marley(F&M): There was an issue with them covering too much on some background styles but that is fixed by changing the background. Try hi vis or sandstone
[H]:2018-07-21 01:05:40: Marley(F&M): I'm on sandstone and don't have any problem with it
[H]:2018-07-21 01:05:48: jaydia(Oops): nope high vis doesnt work
[H]:2018-07-21 01:06:11: jaydia(Oops): also any idea where lvl 40 woodcutting is
[H]:2018-07-21 01:06:13: Marley(F&M): Evert is ill and in bed resting. He will attend to whatever is wrong when he is feeling better. We just need to work around whatever is happening for now.
[H]:2018-07-21 01:06:18: Cracker0509(~AE~): yes it does, im using it
[H]:2018-07-21 01:06:35: Marley(F&M): jaydia try and refresh to see if it clears?
[H]:2018-07-21 01:06:58: jaydia(Oops): high res does NOT work ive refreshed 4 times
[H]:2018-07-21 01:07:19: Marley(F&M): no neet to shout ... have you tried sandstone like I suggested?
[H]:2018-07-21 01:07:33: jaydia(Oops): this is lame
[H]:2018-07-21 01:07:52: jaydia(Oops): and sandstone looks awful
[H]:2018-07-21 01:07:59: Cracker0509(~AE~): then you need a special helmet, it works just fine
[H]:2018-07-21 01:08:08: Marley(F&M): No it's a game in Beta, and we are all working together to smooth issues out.
[H]:2018-07-21 01:08:22: Marley(F&M): but are you able to move and read the screen using sandstone?
[H]:2018-07-21 01:08:59: jaydia(Oops): sandstone is hardly readable, ill just click like a maniac again i guess
[H]:2018-07-21 01:09:00: Marley(F&M): or maybe try the black one? I'm not sure why it's affecting you sorry. I'm trying
[H]:2018-07-21 01:09:34: Marley(F&M): Try other backgrounds .. or clear your cookies or cache or whatever it is. I'm not a tech :/
[H]:2018-07-21 01:09:35: jaydia(Oops): black was my first try still the awful green feet
[H]:2018-07-21 01:09:50: jaydia(Oops): yeaa cookies and cashe wouldnt fix that
[W]:2018-07-21 01:09:58: SYSTEM: jaydia Has been muted for stop complaining and go take a nap!
[W]:2018-07-21 01:12:54: Marley(F&M): jaydia if you can see this ... try every background layout and see if they are better for you. If they aren't, maybe shut down the computer and reboot it / game. Sorry, I have no concrete solution for you.
[H]:2018-07-21 01:16:02: fork(BAD): if i hit force bot... do i get another 30 mins before i get another one?
[H]:2018-07-21 01:16:33: Cracker0509(~AE~): yes, after you do the bot
[H]:2018-07-21 01:16:44: Losain(Syn): yep
[W]:2018-07-21 01:18:19: morridin: what is hard to read on the sandstone layout? I am on it now looking at it
[W]:2018-07-21 01:19:15: Foozard(F&M): the colors don't mix well for me on it, the text looks really small
[W]:2018-07-21 01:19:51: Lorinthar(Oops): Yeah, some text is a bit small, and chat has a black background.
[W]:2018-07-21 01:20:00: Lorinthar(Oops): But it's still my favourite of the options.
[W]:2018-07-21 01:20:09: morridin: mind shooting me your resolution Foo?
[W]:2018-07-21 01:20:18: Marley(F&M): for me the text is fine and colors look fine. jaydia's issue is the feet and boat are so large that it covers part of her screen, apparently no matter what background she uses now I guess
[W]:2018-07-21 01:20:22: morridin: and Lor
[W]:2018-07-21 01:20:26: Foozard(F&M): I use hi vis most the time
[S]:2018-07-21 01:20:32: SYSTEM: jaydia Has been un-muted for i dont want to listen to Prof!
[W]:2018-07-21 01:21:10: Foozard(F&M): 960x1080
[W]:2018-07-21 01:22:52: Foozard(F&M): nvm apparently it's at 927x956
[W]:2018-07-21 01:22:54: Lorinthar(Oops): My monitor is 1200x1600 (portrait). The game looks like it's only using 1200x958 though.
[W]:2018-07-21 01:23:57: morridin: hold on let me flip a monitor to portrait and check it
[W]:2018-07-21 01:24:34: Lorinthar(Oops): Oh, yeah, the text is much bigger if I move it to a landscape monitor.
[W]:2018-07-21 01:26:16: Lorinthar(Oops): Specifically, the text in the area description scales with the horizontal resolution. Vertical resolution has no effect.
[W]:2018-07-21 01:26:36: Lorinthar(Oops): So you can just make the window narrower to reproduce; no need to turn your monitor.
[W]:2018-07-21 01:27:16: Lorinthar(Oops): All other text appears to have a fixed size (and doesn't look small to me), only the area description scales.
[W]:2018-07-21 01:27:52: Foozard(F&M): I just have bad eyesight
[W]:2018-07-21 01:28:54: morridin: yeah i can see it scaling.
[H]:2018-07-21 01:39:26: bdwhite34(TWC): Manual says there is level 30 sawing at Boney but I only see the level 1 and level 15, is the manual wrong and level 30 sawing is somewhere else?
[H]:2018-07-21 01:40:47: Profion(Oops): dont have that info. will have to wait till evert is back from being sick unless someone in chat knows
[S]:2018-07-21 01:58:00: TriBotty: Marley has triggered a Summoning invasion at Nevacave
[W]:2018-07-21 01:59:24: jaydia(Oops): groot are you here doll
[W]:2018-07-21 02:09:23: yaoming36(Pepsi): i am groot
[W]:2018-07-21 02:22:31: yaoming36(Pepsi): You have broken your Bronze Hatchet
[W]:2018-07-21 02:30:49: yaoming36(Pepsi): 100 bronze hatchets, 10 iron hatchets, down to 40 bronze and 0 iron :D
[W]:2018-07-21 03:06:47: Lorinthar(Oops): Thanks!
[W]:2018-07-21 03:28:06: yaoming36(Pepsi): https://i.imgur.com/Qt2x4dg.jpg
[H]:2018-07-21 03:30:37: insanofreak(Oops): if anyone wants stuff in manual updated just send to my inbox whatever needs changed
[W]:2018-07-21 03:47:51: TriDeathy: Profion has been killed by a Molerat
[W]:2018-07-21 04:04:25: Profion(Oops): foo?
[W]:2018-07-21 04:04:54: Foozard(F&M): yes?
[H]:2018-07-21 04:31:16: Groot: can farms be upgraded yet?
[W]:2018-07-21 04:31:49: Foozard(F&M): depends on the size of your house
[W]:2018-07-21 04:32:10: Groot: 25k the biggest
[W]:2018-07-21 04:32:42: Foozard(F&M): should be able to get a level 4 farm on it
[H]:2018-07-21 04:33:33: Groot: ok thanks
[H]:2018-07-21 05:09:57: Groot: Planted crops will be deleted on upgrade, clear your farm first! i have no crops growing ?
[H]:2018-07-21 05:10:27: Marley(F&M): yes, that is a problem with the farms at the moment. Evert knows about it
[W]:2018-07-21 05:10:32: Foozard(F&M): It's a standard warning, no need to be alarmed if you have none planted
[H]:2018-07-21 05:11:20: Marley(F&M): that shows up when you try to upgrade the farm ... but the lvl 1 farm can't be upgraded
[H]:2018-07-21 05:11:21: Groot: np might aas well plant another crop till farm upgrade is fixed
[W]:2018-07-21 08:04:44: Marley(F&M): sad tho
[W]:2018-07-21 08:04:53: Marley(F&M): oh dammit .. wc
[W]:2018-07-21 08:09:22: PotatoChips(TWC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7sG3l5ryOk
[W]:2018-07-21 08:09:59: PotatoChips(TWC): Only click the link if you are fighting molerats.
[W]:2018-07-21 08:10:00: Foozard(F&M): I assume you started combat?
[W]:2018-07-21 08:11:41: PotatoChips(TWC): quiet sometime :P, trying to beat foozard..
[W]:2018-07-21 08:17:43: Foozard(F&M): careful, I hear a Foozard is a tricky creature
[W]:2018-07-21 08:18:16: Marley(F&M): but they're adorable and fuzzy
[H]:2018-07-21 11:57:46: Broken Halo(~M M I~): where do i go to smith iron pickaxe and other iron items?
[H]:2018-07-21 11:58:30: Cracker0509(~AE~): polarin rock
[H]:2018-07-21 11:59:37: Broken Halo(~M M I~): i clicked polarin rock in the manual and it listed it as having nothing there. thank you for the help :)
[H]:2018-07-21 12:08:50: Swoox(TWC): Manual is not up to date yet
[H]:2018-07-21 12:09:15: Swoox(TWC): better look under the skills
[H]:2018-07-21 12:09:56: Sapphire(~AE~): It is wiki, if you see a problem or something that needs adding, add it. anyone can do it.
[S]:2018-07-21 12:31:59: SYSTEM: Cracker0509 has boosted Exp for 4 hours
[S]:2018-07-21 12:33:07: SYSTEM: Sapphire has boosted Success for 4 hours
[S]:2018-07-21 12:33:10: SYSTEM: Sapphire has boosted timers for 1 hours
[S]:2018-07-21 12:33:12: SYSTEM: Sapphire has boosted Drops for 4 hours
[S]:2018-07-21 12:33:43: SYSTEM: Sapphire has boosted Timers for a further 2 hours
[S]:2018-07-21 12:33:47: SYSTEM: Sapphire has boosted timers for a further 1 hours
[W]:2018-07-21 12:36:22: Nero(TWC): thank you :o
[W]:2018-07-21 12:36:35: Nero(TWC): How is mark doing Sam? he feeling any better?
[W]:2018-07-21 12:37:52: Sapphire(~AE~): We have had the on call Dr out this morning and he has a bad case of flu. He is sleeping most of the time.
[W]:2018-07-21 12:38:24: Nero(TWC): So a rest up and dont over do it job then?
[W]:2018-07-21 12:38:30: Nero(TWC): make sure he does it :(
[W]:2018-07-21 12:40:31: Sapphire(~AE~): Pretty much.
[W]:2018-07-21 12:42:11: Nero(TWC): well we are all thinking of him, hope he is over the worst soon :(.
[W]:2018-07-21 12:42:41: Sapphire(~AE~): I will send him your well wishes when he wakes up :)
[W]:2018-07-21 12:43:26: Cracker0509(~AE~): when he wakes up, tell him to make me a sammich
[W]:2018-07-21 12:44:47: Sapphire(~AE~): lol
[W]:2018-07-21 12:57:41: Nero(TWC): if there are orders for sammich, I will take a tuna one
[W]:2018-07-21 12:58:10: Cracker0509(~AE~): hehe
[T]:2018-07-21 13:02:31: Truant: Trading for wood, lumber, combat gear
[W]:2018-07-21 13:08:03: Sapphire(~AE~): Don't you just hate when you think you're going to watch a good movie, then it turns out to be foregn with english subtitles?
[W]:2018-07-21 13:08:47: Nero(TWC): what was the movie?
[W]:2018-07-21 13:08:51: Broken Halo(~M M I~): lol, no, i dont mind movies having subtitles
[W]:2018-07-21 13:09:02: Nero(TWC): I mean it depends, I love cantonese films and I watch japanese anime so I am used to subtitles xD
[W]:2018-07-21 13:09:45: Sapphire(~AE~): I can't stand it. If I want to read I'll get a book lol
[W]:2018-07-21 13:10:06: Nero(TWC): I understand that... took me ages to get used to subtitles.
[W]:2018-07-21 13:10:22: Nero(TWC): but my favourite film well one of is red cliff, a cantonese film
[W]:2018-07-21 13:10:33: Nero(TWC): perfect storm is my all time favourite xD
[W]:2018-07-21 13:10:37: Nero(TWC): dont ask :p
[W]:2018-07-21 13:12:53: Sapphire(~AE~): I also don't like British films, which is a surprise as I am British. But I think British films are shit.
[W]:2018-07-21 13:14:14: Nero(TWC): there are some good ones.
[W]:2018-07-21 13:26:26: Cracker0509(~AE~): really, perfect storm? i know its a true story, but everyone dies
[W]:2018-07-21 13:32:57: Sapphire(~AE~): Don't think I've seen that one, it sounds all deathy and boaty and boring
[W]:2018-07-21 13:36:42: Nero(TWC): deathy and baoty yes xD, boring only in a few places
[W]:2018-07-21 13:37:29: Broken Halo(~M M I~): dont forget stormy :P
[S]:2018-07-21 14:22:53: Welcome: xRhode Has logged in for the first time
[W]:2018-07-21 14:23:28: Nero(TWC): welcome xRhode. if you need any help adjusting ask in help chat. we will help where we can
[W]:2018-07-21 14:37:29: Nero(TWC): anyone want something soemwhere? my scroll, tell me the item, level and place. first whisper gets it.
[W]:2018-07-21 14:37:48: Nero(TWC): no guildies xD
[W]:2018-07-21 14:53:42: Broken Halo(~M M I~): odd... im smithing iron hammers and found a rare bronze statue
[W]:2018-07-21 14:54:21: Sapphire(~AE~): It's not odd, you just got a rare drop.
[W]:2018-07-21 14:54:32: Jase(F&M): Might just be the text which is wrong and you actually got an Iron statue
[W]:2018-07-21 14:55:00: Broken Halo(~M M I~): ok, i thought the bronze statues went with smithing bronze and iron ones with iron smithing :)
[W]:2018-07-21 14:55:28: Sapphire(~AE~): I know you get statues as rare drops from smithing.
[W]:2018-07-21 14:55:40: Broken Halo(~M M I~): nope jase i got a bronze one :)
[W]:2018-07-21 14:55:57: Jase(F&M): Hmm ok
[W]:2018-07-21 14:56:00: Nero(TWC): are you limited with what you can send via scroll?
[W]:2018-07-21 14:56:23: Moderator: Please direct your game related questions to the help chat channel. Thanks.
[H]:2018-07-21 14:56:49: Sapphire(~AE~): Nero - Limited as in?
[W]:2018-07-21 14:57:30: Sapphire(~AE~): Maybe it's a bug, it will get looked into.
[H]:2018-07-21 14:57:38: Nero(TWC): what we can create or can we do anything currently trainable?
[S]:2018-07-21 14:58:21: TriBotty: Nero has triggered a Mining invasion at Icoth_Klya
[H]:2018-07-21 14:58:31: Nero(TWC): never mind I was being silly xD
[H]:2018-07-21 14:58:44: Nero(TWC): Icoth is the island name haha
[W]:2018-07-21 15:53:12: eqshamu(Oops): gratz
[W]:2018-07-21 16:05:59: bdwhite34(TWC): Anyone need anything right now and has anyone seen Smeagol?
[W]:2018-07-21 16:06:21: bdwhite34(TWC): Wrong chat, sorry
[W]:2018-07-21 16:26:52: TriDeathy: Profion has been killed by a Molerat
[W]:2018-07-21 16:31:35: creature(TWC): was sacrificing some skulls for a bit with the boosts
[W]:2018-07-21 16:31:56: creature(TWC): wc
[S]:2018-07-21 18:21:35: Welcome: Kayido Has logged in for the first time
[W]:2018-07-21 18:28:55: bdwhite34(TWC): Welcome Kayido...
[W]:2018-07-21 18:40:45: Marley(F&M): Hi Kayido ... Welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask. Very helpful community here :)
[W]:2018-07-21 18:42:49: yaoming36(Pepsi): *hands marley some flowers* these are for the most beautiful girl in F&M
[W]:2018-07-21 18:43:41: yaoming36(Pepsi): give them to fooz for me please
[W]:2018-07-21 18:44:49: Marley(F&M): yao *hugs* I will do that for you .. but I may bite the blossoms off first
[W]:2018-07-21 18:45:23: yaoming36(Pepsi): are you ok
[W]:2018-07-21 18:45:44: Marley(F&M): as ok as I get :)
[W]:2018-07-21 18:45:57: yaoming36(Pepsi): well ur eating flowers
[W]:2018-07-21 18:47:11: Marley(F&M): some flowers are edible
[W]:2018-07-21 18:52:32: yaoming36(Pepsi): u know how i feel about moving and doing stuff marley
[W]:2018-07-21 18:53:25: yaoming36(Pepsi): its ok i hvae 39 bronze hatchets left
[W]:2018-07-21 18:54:47: Marley(F&M): ok fine lol
[W]:2018-07-21 20:03:46: TriDeathy: fork has been killed by a Molerat
[W]:2018-07-21 20:21:03: creature(TWC): yeah still going. only about a 60-65% sucess rate
[W]:2018-07-21 20:21:11: creature(TWC): wc
[S]:2018-07-21 20:28:50: Welcome: TheGr8Deej Has logged in for the first time
[W]:2018-07-21 20:29:26: eqshamu(Oops): hey hey Deej
[W]:2018-07-21 20:30:06: TheGr8Deej: hello
[W]:2018-07-21 20:30:28: Losain(Syn): welcome Deej
[W]:2018-07-21 20:30:56: TheGr8Deej: ty :0
[W]:2018-07-21 20:31:00: TheGr8Deej: :)*
[W]:2018-07-21 20:31:01: Cracker0509(~AE~): spin me a tune
[W]:2018-07-21 20:31:01: Cracker0509(~AE~): spin me a tune
[W]:2018-07-21 20:31:23: yaoming36(Pepsi): yeet
[W]:2018-07-21 20:38:51: Sapphire(~AE~): Welcome to Triborn TheGr8Deej :)
[W]:2018-07-21 20:39:55: TheGr8Deej: thank you :)
[S]:2018-07-21 20:41:44: TriBotty: Surim has triggered a Hunting invasion at Icoth_Navine
[W]:2018-07-21 20:43:15: jaydia(Oops): i dig your name deej!
[S]:2018-07-21 20:43:20: TriBotty: Surim has boosted the Hunting invasion at Nevacave
[H]:2018-07-21 20:44:22: fork(BAD): dont worry i had rubbish on me lol
[H]:2018-07-21 20:44:26: fork(BAD): wc
[W]:2018-07-21 20:46:31: TheGr8Deej: thanks jaydia :)
[W]:2018-07-21 20:46:54: TheGr8Deej: i use same one on other games so may as well keep it the same :P
[S]:2018-07-21 20:52:47: TriBotty: Nero has boosted the Hunting invasion at Nevacave
[W]:2018-07-21 21:11:10: Smeagol(TWC): bdwhite34, yeah?
[W]:2018-07-21 21:17:12: Cracker0509(~AE~): http://prntscr.com/k9c31p
[W]:2018-07-21 21:17:39: Cracker0509(~AE~): sorry, wc
[W]:2018-07-21 21:26:13: Sapphire(~AE~): That is a bug that wouldn't still be there had Mark not been sick.
[W]:2018-07-21 21:26:22: Sapphire(~AE~): W/c
[T]:2018-07-21 21:27:45: Vixy(Oops): lol.. was geting some food :P
[W]:2018-07-21 21:28:28: Sassie(Oops): /me drags vixy into guild chat
[T]:2018-07-21 21:28:54: Vixy(Oops): wc, sorry
[W]:2018-07-21 21:30:08: Losain(Syn): forget tracking fail rates of skills, someone should track fail rate of world chat
[W]:2018-07-21 21:30:52: Foozard(F&M): 13%
[W]:2018-07-21 21:31:20: Foozard(F&M): I'm sure I set the curve though
[W]:2018-07-21 21:31:34: Losain(Syn): lol
[W]:2018-07-21 21:31:56: yaoming36(Pepsi): you are the curve
[W]:2018-07-21 21:32:05: Foozard(F&M): ;)
[W]:2018-07-21 21:32:06: Nero(TWC): I would like to see hourly gains somewhere
[W]:2018-07-21 21:33:47: yaoming36(Pepsi): divide 3600 by your timer and then multiply with your xp per action
[W]:2018-07-21 21:34:17: Foozard(F&M): can't do with combat
[W]:2018-07-21 21:34:41: Nero(TWC): 1454 exp/hr :/
[W]:2018-07-21 21:34:47: Nero(TWC): that seems rather low
[W]:2018-07-21 21:34:55: Nero(TWC): ty Yao
[W]:2018-07-21 21:35:16: yaoming36(Pepsi): https://www.writeups.org/wp-content/uploads/Captain-Caveman-Hanna-Barbera.jpg
[W]:2018-07-21 21:35:22: yaoming36(Pepsi): this is how i see all you people doing combat
[W]:2018-07-21 21:35:40: Foozard(F&M): not far off tbh
[W]:2018-07-21 21:35:51: Foozard(F&M): I might be a little hairier than that guy though
[W]:2018-07-21 21:38:40: Losain(Syn): :)
[W]:2018-07-21 21:39:33: yaoming36(Pepsi): his whole body is hairy..
[W]:2018-07-21 21:40:14: Foozard(F&M): me to...
[W]:2018-07-21 22:14:10: Spooky(Beasts): /me thinks to my dself should i gross people out by telling i know female that hasnt shaved in over 15 years
[W]:2018-07-21 22:15:27: Lorinthar(Oops): Most of the women I know don't start growing facial hair until they're at least in their 50s, so that doesn't sound terribly surprising... And I don't know any head shavers.
[W]:2018-07-21 22:17:25: Moderator: Please keep all unsanitary comments to yourself
[W]:2018-07-21 22:38:49: Assos(TWC): Just bathe and shave!
[W]:2018-07-21 22:43:10: Foozard(F&M): I'll bathe but no shave!
[W]:2018-07-21 22:56:11: breeze: lol, the shit that goes on around here
[W]:2018-07-21 23:17:28: Lorinthar(Oops): Done, I think.
[H]:2018-07-22 00:14:08: fork(BAD): the bot thing is broken.... 2 x3 is 6... yet no number is working
[H]:2018-07-22 00:14:28: fork(BAD): how i gwt past this bug... refresh doesnt work
[H]:2018-07-22 00:15:40: Vixy(Oops): you can't refresh the botcheck and get different question?
[H]:2018-07-22 00:16:30: fork(BAD): o that worked.. ok i did try that before and it failed too
[H]:2018-07-22 00:16:44: Vixy(Oops): good :)
[W]:2018-07-22 00:17:17: fork(BAD): if i die, its just recycled items lol
[W]:2018-07-22 00:50:39: TriDeathy: fork has been killed by a Molerat
[W]:2018-07-22 02:00:40: bosshogg(~AE~): i see we are back on molerats killing folks and hi all
[W]:2018-07-22 02:03:38: bdwhite34(TWC): Any of you folks at Nevacave have a pair of woolen gloves?
[W]:2018-07-22 02:06:45: Foozard(F&M): I do not, shield takes the hand slot if that's what you need
[W]:2018-07-22 02:09:07: bdwhite34(TWC): I need something to put on so that my bronze hands come off.
[H]:2018-07-22 02:17:52: Kayido: is there any place i can sell ressources or stuff to other players ?
[H]:2018-07-22 02:18:47: bdwhite34(TWC): You can trade with other players at any location. Just click on the players name on the list and then click trade.
[H]:2018-07-22 02:19:27: Kayido: but not store or auction house ?
[H]:2018-07-22 02:21:07: bdwhite34(TWC): No player stores yet but they are in the plans for the future, not sure about an auction house.
[H]:2018-07-22 02:21:58: Kayido: So how do you trade for what you need , the trade channel ?
[H]:2018-07-22 02:23:20: bdwhite34(TWC): Yes, you can put on the trade channel what you are looking for and see if anyone responds.
[H]:2018-07-22 02:25:46: bdwhite34(TWC): Kayido@To whisper to another player just click on their name or you can type their name followed by the @ sign and then your message.
[H]:2018-07-22 02:26:05: Kayido: nothing in particular , just trying to know if i can buy or sell stuff
[H]:2018-07-22 03:32:02: bdwhite34(TWC): How does one get a Prized Unicorn?
[H]:2018-07-22 03:33:06: Profion(Oops): they are from a contest 1 should be in game. any others found will be removed once evert is feeling better
[H]:2018-07-22 03:34:13: bdwhite34(TWC): Ah, Ok.
[H]:2018-07-22 03:34:41: Losain(Syn): who won it?
[H]:2018-07-22 03:35:27: Profion(Oops): not sure that is ok for me to announce im sorry.
[H]:2018-07-22 03:36:09: Losain(Syn): np :D
[W]:2018-07-22 03:36:44: Foozard(F&M): think it was announced when it was won but I forget who